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Human Resources aka HR is critical for small businesses and startups when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent, developing employee skills, providing comprehensive benefits, promoting diversity, being inclusive, staying compliant, avoiding lawsuits, processing payroll, and maintaining a safe workplace. When your business is just starting out, HR can be a daunting task because many of these responsibilities will rest on you, the owner. And as businesses get larger, there are a whole other set of challenges that arise in terms of company culture and employee benefits for HR departments. Overall, human resources is never simple and it is never error-free.

If you run a tech company it can be difficult to build a diverse team. You need the right balance of hard and soft skills in employees and candidates. With new AI programs, often you can accurately identify candidates’ hard and soft skills and hire that final piece of the puzzle. Other times it takes the intuition of an experienced recruiter or HR manager.

It is not always easy to put the "Human" back into "Human Resources" but it can be the differentiating factor between a successful business and a failed enterprise. A successful human resources department can attract top industry talent and retain the best workers, saving massive amounts of money for their company. HR is especially important now with so many employees working from home or in a hybrid work setup. It can be challenging to maintain the human touch with workers through various screens and time zones. But without the human touch, virtual employees just become numbers and data points instead of real people. 

Every employee matters. New managers, supervisors, and team leads matter. They are on the front lines with your workforce, your customers, and your markets. They have tremendous potential to boost business. And some of them will become your organization’s future leaders. You need to help harness their talents and ensure they fit into the workplace culture to maximize their potential.

The people that you recruit as employees have the potential to directly or indirectly harm your company’s success. A negative employee can quickly damage team morale and productivity. It is tough having to fire someone but having the wrong people in your team can be very disruptive. This is even more important to remember now when it's extra challenging to fill positions and employees are quitting in records numbers during "The Great Resignation".

Education and on the job training are also essential components of human resources and recruiting, so we have included a growing number of new education-related articles as well. If you want to earn, you have to learn. If you want to dominate, you will have to educate. If you want to be a stud, you have to study. If you want to make it rain, you will have to train. This work ethic and willingness to learn applies whether you are working towards a GED, MBA, PhD, certification, apprenticeship, or license. If you are lucky at your company, HR or training staff may be able to provide you with free or discounted learning modules or educational programs to further your career in-house.

What will the future hold for human resources and payroll departments? Will software replace most HR and payroll employees? Will human resources involve more artificial intelligence, machine learning, or robotics? Will HR be relegated to the metaverse or other digital platforms?

HR is far from straightforward these days and in the years to come. All of this is why Bootstrap Business is providing ongoing resources and insights on the evolving role of human resources for companies worldwide. Enjoy these great HR articles on human resources, career, retention, job training, recruiting, workplace productivity, compliance, headhunters, and workplace safety from industry experts around the world.

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