75 Top Marketing Tech Industry Disruptors 2024

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Disruptors. Change-Makers. Business Builders. Influencers. Masterminds. Architects. These are powerful words describing those industry leaders that innovate in ways that stand out from their peers in 2024. They don't talk about changing how martech will function, they are the driving forces behind implementing marketing technology changes. And with things like the Metaverse, Web3, ChatGPT, and blockchain coming of age there is a lot of disruption going on in the space. Disruptors are popping up daily now with all of these new digital tools and tech.

These change agents and entrepreneurial influencers are building a new world of ground-breaking technology and global commerce for 2024. Below we will take a quick look at sixty five top industry disruptors (and their companies) in the marketing and tech industries that you need to follow and study in 2024. 

Here are the 70 top martech masterminds and digital disruptors of 2024 to follow:

70 Top Marketing & Tech Industry Disruptors Of 2024

Satya Nadella at Microsoft: CEO Satya Nadella has transformed Microsoft into one of the world's most valuable companies yet again and much more profitable. He has made MSFT a diversified and modern tech company with minimal competitors aside from Apple, Google, and Meta. MSFT is leading the industry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with OpenAI and will be one of the world's most valuable companies for a long time.

Tim Cook at Apple: Speaking of top tech CEOs with valuable companies, Tim Cook of Apple has maximized profits for the business. While their products have not been quite so innovative, and they are banking on Apple Glasses Vision Pro, their market cap and cash reserves are nearly unmatched. 

Bob Iger at Disney: Bob Iger is back at the helm of Disney to tighten its belt and maximize its profits. He is standing strong against the Florida governor Ron DeSantis and trying to spark new innovation at the iconic company. Bob Iger has helped Disney expand their IP to include Fox, Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and so much more.

Andrew Paradise at Skillz: An E-Sports tournament platform for cash and prizes is revolutionizing the video game industry and digital sports. Andrew Paradise is disrupting the gaming industry as we know it going into 2024. Esports will continue to grow and become a financial force in betting and gaming.

Dennis Crowley at FourSquare: The rumors of Foursquare's demise have been greatly exaggerated! From failure to fondu, what started as an app for friends to check in has since morphed into a location intelligence platform that allows marketers to pin-point how their spending pays off through location visits. FourSquare and Swarm aren't mainstream anymore but are far from gone in 2023. Right now they have pivoted their business model further to location data services and are actively advertising on Twitter!

Jay Kaplan at Synack: Jay and his partner Mark Kuhr figured out how to use hacking for good to help keep their clients’ networks safe. These white hat hackers are disrupting daily to help enhance security. 

Bob Goodson at Quid: Visual map creation of what ideas and trends are spread on social media most often. This is the ultimate market research innovation tool for SMM. 

Joel Spolsky at Stack Overflow: Stack overflow is simply, the place to go if you are in anything tech. The largest Q&A site for programmers, 3D artists, and tech information. 

Alex Vratskides at Persado: A scary market innovation tool that changes words in marketing campaigns to make readers respond favorably to different headlines. 

Josh James at Domo: Domo integrates all cash flow data, expense data, sales, etc. into a screen on your phone. This technology is helping companies have a snapshot of business opportunities at any moment along with a big boost in brand reputation

Chris Gregory at DAGMAR Marketing: Digital marketing is constantly being upended by innovators. We prepare our clients to take advantage of market disruptors, gaining first entrant benefits.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan at Drawbridge: Drawbridge tells companies (especially web browsers and social media companies) what devices a particular member of a household is using. For example, based on how you search anonymously on your PC, Drawbridge will tell companies if the tablet in a particular household is associated with the person using the PC. Thus it tracks searches to display the right ads based on the right person. 

Elon Musk at SpaceX: There is no surprise here to have Elon Musk on this list for the man who is demanding another space race in addition to changing the automotive industry with Tesla, Twitter, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and formerly PayPal. While Elon Musk is a controversial figure to say the least, you can't keep him out of the conversation when it comes to technological innovations.

Brian Chesky at AirBnB: The “stay with a stranger for cheap” business model is still paying off dividends for Brian Chesky who will continue their momentum into 2023. While AirBnB has come under criticism as of late and evolved many of their policies, it is still a major force to be reconned with in the travel space.

Susan Wojcicki of YouTube: YouTube TV advertisements are all over the place on television now. Expect cable, satellite, and dish to be disrupted by YouTube TV and possibly even Netflix. The line between traditional and online multimedia has blurred even further over the last several years with YouTube being more mainstream than ever under CEO Susan Wojcicki's leadership

Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe: Anne Wojcicki, sister of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is disrupting the entire personal genomics industry. 23andMe has become a big competitor to Ancestry.com and other top genetic solutions. They have made major advancements in their science and business model over the last few years.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Blue Origin: Amazon has been disrupting the healthcare industry in 2023 by getting into the pharmacy industry through in-house innovation and acquisitions. Amazon is also included here because it always finds a way to spread and disrupt. Bezos also owns the Washington Post and is one of the richest men in the world.

Bill Goldberg at InteractiveHealthInc: As the CEO of “the nation’s largest provider of employer-sponsored wellness programs” Bill has other workforce health companies on skates. His programs are also some of the most individualized wellness programs in the industry. 

Stuart McClure of Cylance: Cylance uses complex algorithms and machine learning and applies it to cyber security to fix the worst cyber security problems. 

Greg Martin of Jask: Jask finds cyber risks through artificial intelligence with a focus on finding serious problems and not reporting ones that don’t matter. 

Peter Smith of Blockchain: Blockchain is about to take off. Blockchain is essentially the most highly used way to transact with digital assets such as bitcoin and ethereum which exploded a few years ago. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have faced some major losses in 2022 but the technology and principles are here to stay regardless.  

Vlad Tenev at Robinhood: Robinhood is the easiest way to start investing in 2022 and 2023. It allows for buying and selling with no commission and it has added large amounts of cryptocurrencies and ADRs. While Vlad and Robinhood have taken a lot of criticism lately, they have made large improvements over the last couple of years.

Dan Lewis at Convoy: Convoy is an app like Tinder for shippers and truckers. It lets shippers find regional trucking companies and book them online. 

Brian Armstrong of Coinbase: Coinbase is the fastest growing company for selling and buying cryptocurrency with 100,000 new signups daily in 2022 and 2023. Now they also have fewer competitors after the FTX collapse along with other failed crypto exchanges. 

Alex Deneui at Coda: Coda essentially brings in documents, spreadsheets, and applications into one interface. Enough said on this top martech disruptor for 2022. 

Derek Nelson at Clique Studios: Say that, in one week, you want a fully functional web site design with direct customer feedback and all issues sorted out. Sound too good to be true? Not with Clique Studios’ Web Design Sprints. 

Bipul Sinha of Rubrik: Rubrik is a cloud data management company that deals mostly with backing up data over the cloud and has made new normalcies in data backup such as not having to backup software. 

Clark Valberg at Invision: Invision is the first major design app as well as the most used web design prototyping application on the market. 

John Gile at HappyMeter: Happymeter is a web application that offers job satisfaction reports and anonymous complaints from your team and to your team for a frictionless way to sort out problems and increase work productivity. 

Ryan Peterson at Flexport: Flexport is a freight forwarder/brokerage built around an application that helps businesses reach markets around the world. 

George Kurtz at CrowdStrike: Uses artificial intelligence against hackers. In addition, it can shut down stealthy hacks in progress. 

Colin Kroll of HQ Trivia: A founder of Vine is bringing an iOS app that is a live trivia game where users can tune in to win prizes daily. 

Daniel Screiber at Lemonade: Insurance company where brokers are replaced by machine learning and artificial intelligence. If that’s not enough, underwriting profits go to non-profit organizations. 

Martin Jaszczuk at Jaszczuk.com: New startups and many companies are having a harder and harder time outreaching to customers. TCPA law (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) sinks many of these companies in lawsuits. Not if you have Martin on your side in 2022. 

Jeffrey Huber at Grail: Grail has developed extreme blood screening and blood tests for early-onset cancer detection. 

Sami Inkinen at Virta Health: Virta health has come up with a program that reverses type 2 diabetes without medication. 

Matthew Cook at LBP MFG: Matthew Cook has only focused on two things at LBP Manufacturing. Innovation and environment. He has done them both very well. Recyclable single-serve coffee filters and an efficient way to bring hot drinks and serve anywhere all while being able to recycle are sure to disrupt the packaging industry. 

Scott Crouch at Mark 43: Technology that streamlines police work by speeding up ticket writing, data entry, and keeping track of records and case files. 

Hans Gangeskar at Nurx: Doctors at the company get data from the app and prescribe contraceptives on-demand without a doctor’s appointment. 

Bob Muglia at Snowflake Computing: Snowflake is the first data warehouse built in the cloud and this leading disruptor will be expanding in 2022. 

Keller Rinaudo at Zipline: Delivers life-saving medications via drone to places that can’t be reached by road. 

Sharkey at Brandless: Like the name suggests, this company takes the brand out of products and offers quality and cheap products. 

Tim Handorf at G2 Crowd: A place where users review business software and share. Helps IT guys land the best software for their businesses. 

Broc Miramontes at Crew: Team communication simplified for groups like nurses and restaurant managers. Communicate better with your crew in 2022!

Mike Schiemer at Bootstrap Business: Author, consultant, blogger and owner of 20 top blogs or websites on business & finance. The year 2023 is going to be a big one for him as a webmaster and SEO leader and his momentum will carry over into 2024!

Roth Martin at Rothy’s: Fashionable women’s clothes made from recyclable plastic water bottles. That right there is #Disruption for the rapidly evolving fashion industry.

Lauren Farleigh at Dote: Mobile shopping mall for brands that didn’t want to be on Amazon. Think Ugg, Urban Outfitters, and Sephora. 

Eric Lefkofsky at Tempus: Tempus is putting thousands of medical images, genomic records, and clinical records together and analyzing molecular data in real time to help doctors make data-backed personalized decisions for medical cases. Molecular testing innovation at its finest. 

Erik Johnson of LG & DAC: Erik Christian Johnson is an innovator in the MLM, direct selling, network marketing, and affiliate sales industry. He stresses inbound marketing, content creation, SEO, and personal brand building over spamming or annoying friends / family in MLMs.  

Ben Glinsky of LiveGood: LiveGood, founded by CEO Ben Glinsky, is changing the entire MLM online industry by using a digital membership-based business model along with discounted high-quality products. While other network marketing businesses are flailing, LiveGood continues to grow fast.

Tim Junio at Qadium: Hackers use insecure appliances on wifi to take down major websites like Twitter and Amazon. Qadium scans for appliances and alerts IT departments to prevent this. 

Jon Gelsey at Auth0: Auth0 helps with the backend process of password/login processes for developers and manages passwords for employees. 

Nadia Boujarwah at Dia&Co: Women size 14 and up clothing subscription service that grew 35x last year and they are disrupting the retail and fashion industries to say the least.  

Bruce Weindruch at HistoryFactory: Branding = embodying a vision for how your company will change the future and gluing every part of a company to that vision. History factory = takes all of the events and accomplishments of your company from the past and glues it to that branded vision. 

Matt Zeiler at Clarifai: Video and image recognition that will bring up similar images as to ones you have already found for 2023. 

Zander Rafael at Climb Credit: Student loans are out of control in 2022. Climb Credit gives loans to students at vocational schools with low rates while in school and monthly payments after graduation. 

Emery Wells at Frame.io: Online platform that allows users to upload project materials, share with participants, and comment or draw directly on video. 

Joel Montaniel at SevenRooms: Newest and most streamlined software for restaurants and hotels to do reservations, spending tracking, and in-house management to give guests the best experience. 

Ilir Sela at Slice: Local pizzerias don’t have the time to deal with creating an online pizza ordering application like the Domino’s and Pizza Huts of the world. Slice created one for all of them. 

Alex Fielding at Ripcord: Digitizes company records, indexes them, and retrieves them 10x faster than humans can do through robots. Rip through records like never before!

Curt Von Badinski at Motiv: The future of fitness tracking has arrived with smaller devices (rings instead of bands) as well as the ability to store days-worth of fitness and sleep data while being away from a phone. 

Dirk Kessler at Gladly: The days of waiting for multiple customer support lines is over. Gladly eliminates support tickets for customers online by consolidating information to just one location. 

David Ebersman at Lyra Health: As the first company that can instantly connect employees to therapists through online video sessions, companies that offer Lyra are hitting new levels of productivity and Lyra is busting up the competition. 

Adam Bry at Skydio: Developed motion planning algorithms and image sensors for drones to navigate intelligently. Has hugely opened up new possibilities in the drone market. 

Chad Rigetti at Rigetti Computing: He is the newest and greatest in quantum computing (a new generation of computers that will be directly integrated into the cloud) 

Rene Lacerte at Bill dot com: This website ties together banks, accountants, vendors, financial advisors, and documents to save huge amounts of time with digital business payments. Software programs and websites need to be all-in-one for 2024 to keep customers satisfied!

Misha Almira of Live Good: Misha Almira is redefining the way network marketing, direct selling, and affiliate sales is done. She has had much success over many years by running his many MLM and affiliate marketing businesses 100% online with attraction marketing compared to more traditional in-person methods. She also proves the controversial industry can be more educational and transparent than it has been in the past.

Nima Ghamsari of Blend: Blend is transforming consumer lending in the mortgage industry through technology that makes home buying easier than ever. Mortgage lending has been an industry stubborn to change for a long time, but it is finally starting to evolve with new tools and marketing technology.

Ryan Smith at Qualtrics: Surveys and Market Research in the ever-growing cloud computing sector. Ryan Smith is doing damage disrupting this industry in 2024! 

Mark Zuckerberg at Meta: The boy wonder Mark Zuckerberg is a man building the future of the metaverse while continuing to run Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus among other projects. Only time will tell if the metaverse will come to fruition in 2024.

Determined To Disrupt Martech In 2024

In conclusion, 2024 will see a lot of tech and branding market disruption. It looks as though tech sectors focusing on cyber-security, the cloud, app deliveries, IoT, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and service streamlining through mobile apps are the way of the future beyond 2024. Stay on top of current trends and technology with these top industry disruptors leading the way or you will get left behind in 2024 as Web 3.0 leads the charge in mar-tech! 

Martech Masterminds

Keep following these top industry disrupting business experts on social media and their other multimedia for additional insights. Stay on the cutting edge and take your martech to the next level with these digital disruptors!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the top 70 best tech and marketing industry disruptors you need to follow in 2024. Stay tuned for their newest developments

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