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anne wojcicki quotes

Anne Wojcicki is the co-founder and CEO of the incredibly successful personal genomics company 23andMe. Anne Wojcicki married and divorced Google co-founder and multi-billionaire Sergey Brin. Anne Wojcicki's sister Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube as well with her other sister being a prominent anthropologist and epidemiologist. Quite the successful family Anne Wojcicki has!

At only 46 years old, Anne Wojcicki is one of the most powerful women in business with a net worth of about $500 million. Anne Wojcicki is an inspirational figure for women in business, especially in the tech and STEM world, with plenty of high-quality inspirational quotes. Here are some of my favorite motivational business quotes from Anne Wojcicki. 

Top 12 Anne Wojcicki Quotes For Entrepreneur Inspiration

1.  "If you want to change this world, this community that we all live in, then get up and do it. And just start something."

2.  "I guess I'm just fiercely independent."

3.  "We know a lot about technology and we know a lot about the world, but I think health is the one area where there's so much data, but it's chaotic and that it's still a big black box."

4.  "There are massive government initiatives going around the world and you see that there's a real enthusiasm for genetics."

5.  "It is important to democratize personal genetics and make it more accessible."

6.  "I think we are definitely suffering from information overload, but I believe that there is going to be better and better ways of organizing that information and processing it so that it will enhance your daily life."

7.  "One of the best aspects of healthcare reform is that it starts to emphasize prevention over treatment."

8.  "Wall Street was sort of at the height of the fame, everyone thought it was really cool, and I think taking that job, doing something probably more for the money was probably the worst thing I think I've ever done."

9.  "Big data is going to make all of us healthier."

10.  "I just think that technology and information, it's overwhelming at the moment, but it's really going to make life better."

11.  "I feel that gender balance in the work environment is actually the best recipe for success."

12.  "The reality is that the only way change comes is when you lead by example."

Thanks for the quality quotes Anne Wojcicki! Keep inspiring!

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