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HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification Guide Notes Mike Schiemer SMM HubSpot

Hootsuite is one of the biggest social media marketing management programs out there and they have a great online marketing certification course. While it's not free like the HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification (HootSuite's certification costs $200), it's great content to study and a nice certification to have. Here are my notes for the HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification course along with links to my relevant articles on these topics. Social Media Marketing is my specialty after all! And as you can see, in half the time allotted (on my first attempt) I scored a 97% to get certified!

HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification Mike Schiemer SMM Certified Marketer Inbound HubSpot

Intro to Social Media Marketing (SMM):

-90% Marketers use social media in campaigns. 
-SMM allows 2 way dialogue between marketing dept & customers
-Target niche markets and target specific demographics

Facebook - Largest platform, hub of communication between customers, vendors, employees, and more

Twitter - 2006, millenials & professionals, monitor customers, 2 Mil users. Media outlets. Real Time. 

LinkedIn - 2003, Biggest professional network, rapidly growing with college grads and young professionals. Follow companies and recruit for HR department. Seek new careers. Networking. Identify new leads, promote brand awareness, company endorsements.

Instagram - 2010, Teens - 29 yo, highlighting product images

YouTube - 2005 debut, 2006 Google purchase, top 3 websites in the world. Build a custom channel for engagement & loyalty
Reaches more 18-34 than all cable networks.

Pinterest - 2010, 7 million users, 15 minutes per use, very high income users, 80-90% female users, organize images and videos as pins onto custom boards. Rich pins have logo & updated info

Tumblr - 2007, Easy to use blog, social sharing, teens 13-19, brand loyalty, reblogging, 

SEO HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification Podium Mike Schiemer Certified SMM Boston Providence CMS CRM Expert Professional

-Building community and brand awareness.
-Empowered employees can amplify results.
-Damage control, reactions, and preventions for quick response.
-45-54 year old demographic is most rapidly growing segment.

Develop a comprehensive and unified social media strategy.

3 Key Components:

1) Social Media Audit- Log all relevant statistics including followers, engagement rates, and activity and sync with data on customer's age, gender, buying habits, and interests.
2) Objectives- Set KPI and Key Supporting Messages you want your customers to know about your business3) Online Brand Persona / Voice- Consistent tone for community building and branding

Define set roles and responsibilities for social media team.
Measure results and make adjustments as needed. 

Social Media Strategies: 

1) Paid - Ads on social networks
2) Owned - Website, Blog, Social Channels
3) Earned - Shares and Engagement (Comments) Most credible based on public acceptance and exposure.

Identify & Define Key Dates & Timelines for the year. Plan!!

Content Game Plan: 

1) Target Audience
2) Content Goals
3) Brand Voice
4) Distribution
5) Tactics

-Share high quality relevant content to develop a relationship with your audience, build report, establish yourself as an industry expert within your niche, and contribute to overall business goals.

-Determine who will create content, distribution channels, frequency. Use Content Calendar for visualization & organization

-Review access to social channels and determine roles for Social Media Director, Social Media Manager, and Social Media Coordinator. 

-Develop Social Media Guidelines and Policy
-Creating a critical response plan to avoid escalation:

Critical Response Plan Outline:

1) Social Listening Protocol
2) List of Designated Decision Makers
3) Step By Step Action Plan
4) Pre-approved Messaging

Evaluate Success:

1) Measuring results against objectives at regular intervals
2) Make adjustments as needed
3) Quantitative & Quantitative KPI- Gather data, analyze, action

-Base (Followers), Reach (Impressions), Engagement (Comments, Likes, Shares), Conversion (Downloads, Sales, Subscribes)

KPI - Key Performance Indicators

HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification Guide Notes Mike Schiemer SMM HubSpot

I hope you enjoyed this free Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification notes guide to get you certified in SMM.

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