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Telecommunications: The Top Telecom Industry Tech Today

If you are a kid from the '90s or earlier, you probably remember the old telephone connections as the only source of communication; however, the scenario is very different now. The telecommunication tech industry has now introduced modern communication channels which give us reliable and faster connectivity. The telecom sector is now not limited to the phone; it provides wireless internet and TV services too. This new boost in technology has brought $1.7 trillion to the global telecom industry. 

No More Net Neutrality 

In 2018 the telecom business industry has welcomed the news of the Federal Communication Commission’s omitting of the Net Neutrality laws of 2015. These telco laws had prevented the US industry from offering competitive services. Now, companies can provide exclusive internet services at a cost more suited to different customers. 

Top Telecom Trends In 2019 

Considering the modernization of technology and the end of net neutrality, the customer demand for reliable services has increased significantly. This means big changes for telecommunications tech companies and customers. Here are some more of the top telecom trends and tech in 2019:

5G Is Finally Here 

Telecom companies are finally ready to offer its customers the much-hyped 5G technology. This speedy and powerful new technology is in its final trial phase and will be operational in the coming year. AT&T won the race to achieve 5G technology and it will be launching very shortly, with other telecoms like Verizon catching up shortly. This new telco 5G tech will reshape our connectivity experience through the fastest wireless communication humankind has known till date. 

Giga Speed: Fastest Internet In The Market 

Along with the groundbreaking 5G tech beginning this year, the telecom industry has achieved the milestone of the fastest wired internet connection by introducing fiber-optic based Gigabit internet. Besides the already established infrastructure, providers have started to expand their fiber network. Internet provider companies are now offering internet bundles with Gigabit speeds. The telecommunication service is more expensive than regular cable service, but it has gained millions of customers in the country. 

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The Internet of Things 

As Stephen Hawking stated, "We are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain". The proverb depicts our current situation in the telecommunications industry. Everything in our routine life has or going to be connected to the internet very soon. This large circle of connected devices is shaping a new system called the Internet of Things (IoT). The telecom industry is playing a vital role in bringing this system to life. 

The Rise Of AI 

Artificial intelligence is one of the most researched telco technologies of 2019. ISPs are investing billions of dollars in implementing AI in their devices. AI is helping the telecom industry in several ways. For instance, online customer service chatbots which use technology to answer customer queries correctly. It is also used in voice and speech services offered by companies. Hence, we can rest assured that the telecom industry is ready to get ripe for AI-driven solutions. It will ultimately increase telecommunications efficiency and customer satisfaction which is the primary goal of every business organization. 

Service Mergers 

Another trend that is dominating telecom company promotions is the blend of all services. Now, providers offer all three services of TV, internet, and phone in a single bundled package. Top providers like Charter (Spectrum), Comcast (Xfinity), Verizon (Fios), and AT&T (U-verse) offer the all services (internet, landline phone, and TV) in a single Triple Play bundle. These bundled plans include more features and let you save way more than regular telecommunication services. 

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Industry-Driven Solutions 

ISPs have also started delivering specific services to meet the requirements of a particular industry. Now, telecom providers offer separate solutions for residential and business customers. For example, Charter Spectrum telecommunications provides unique TV packages for healthcare, restaurants, hospitality, education, government services, and advertisement industry. 

However, all is not well in the telecommunications industry. Telecom businesses are also facing challenges in 2019 such as traffic expansion to cloud services, strict regulator checks, and increasingly competitive environments. Time will tell how things will play out among the top telecom titans and trends of today and tomorrow. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about the top telecom industry trends and telecommunications tech of today + tomorrow for cable, television, phone & internet.

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