Voice Drops Are The Future Of Business Outreach

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If you’re a business owner, it’s highly likely that you’ve spent hours brainstorming innovative ways to expand your business’s reach and increase revenue. Regardless of the size of your business, such a task can seem daunting. Marketing tactics all have pros and cons. One may be effective, but it could be expensive. One could improve reach, but it would decrease company morale. But one low-cost, innovative way can boost your business outreach without sacrificing your employee morale. Voice drops, or ringless voicemails, are the future of business outreach for many reasons. This technology can boost your business without breaking the bank or the hearts of your employees. 

What Is A Voice Drop? 

A voice drop, or a ringless voicemail, is a messaging tactic in which a business can leave a voicemail directly in a potential customer’s voicemail inbox. That means the phone doesn’t ring, and your marketers just leave a voicemail directly on the answering machine of the recipient. That way, your telemarketing employees don’t have to interact with the potential customer they’re calling. It also saves time, and it’s a surefire way to get your message through. Voice drops are available to use at a reasonable cost. 

What Can It Do For My Business? 

As stated above, voice drops are a great way to boost your business outreach. For one, it ensures that your thoughtfully crafted marketing message will get through to potential clients or consumers. People check their phones all the time, every 12 minutes according to one study. That means you have tons of opportunities throughout the day for them to check their voicemails, and to listen to your sales pitch. 

Because they’re not being bothered by a telemarketer cold-calling them without their permission, they are likely to be in a better mood when they receive your sales message. A positive mood increases the likelihood that they’ll become customers after listening to the pitch. 

Also, using voice drops can increase your employees’ morale. It can be incredibly draining to spend your workday calling customers and getting hung up on when you start your sales pitch. Some people who answer the calls can be rude or even insult or threaten your employees when they’re speaking to them. With voice drops, your employees don’t have to worry about who’s on the other end of the line. They can just deliver the message and move on to the next call. This fact also saves you time. You’ll no longer have to create multiple scripts for telemarketers to interact with different types of customers. Instead, you can spend your time carefully and thoughtfully crafting one sales message that’s sure to bring in more customers and deliver it to thousands of voicemail boxes across the country. 

Are Voice Drops Legal? 

After hearing about all of the benefits to using voice drops, you may be curious about if, or how, they are legal. United States and Canada have no laws against the use of voice drops or ringless voicemails. Of course, as with all marketing tactics, voice drops should be used responsibly and with care for your potential customers. 

No matter what size your business is, you should consider using voice drops in your marketing strategy. They can save you and your employees time and headaches, and can broaden your reach and your success rate when it comes to telephone marketing.

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