How Much Does Call Center Software Cost?

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Customer service is arguably one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. If customers purchase your product or service and are unsatisfied with the result, you run the risk of losing that customer if you can’t help them with their issue. You also run the risk of losing more business if word spreads that the customers’ needs aren’t being met. 

As such, it is important that your company has a call center that is able to answer any of the questions or problems that your customer has. However, if you have not yet done the research regarding call center software and setup, you may be wondering: how much is all this going to cost me and what options do I have at my disposal when it comes to software choices? Let’s take a look into the approximate cost of call center software. 

Call Center Software 

Call center solutions have revolutionized in the past decade. Many new features are invented and many innovations are made. Intelligent call center software is the result of these constant innovations and inventions in this industry. An intelligent call center software solution has many features to offer to its users, which can be any of the following: 

Startup Customer support centers MNCs Profit and non-profit making organizations Call centers SMBs NGOs Enterprises Each feature in intelligent call center software is developed to benefit its customers in one way or another. One of the most advanced features of it is predictive dialer. 

Here is how predictive dialing boosts ROI: Increase productivity Increase Productivity Save resources Save Resources Increase goal conversion Increase Goal Conversion Boosted productivity helps in improving individual and overall team performance. 

Thus, it further boosts the morale of your team members. They can work even productivity and achieve the set target with ease. Increase productivity and performance ultimately increase goal conversion. This increases business and revenues. 

On the other hand, saving resources also signifies reducing costs. Thus, in less investment more revenue gets generated. This is how the returns over investment get boosted with predictive dialing. Intelligent call center software offers the most accurate predictive dialer and many other features to support boosting ROI in your business.

Are You Looking To Set Up Your Call Center In-House Or Do You Want It Hosted? 

The most important question to ask yourself when you begin researching call center software options is this: do I want to be in control, or would I prefer that a third-party takes care of the operations and provides the solutions needed to operate the call-center? 

For some companies, it makes more sense to handle everything on their own, while others may prefer the ease of having a solution that’s hosted in the cloud. Your choice will make a world of difference in terms of cost and operation, so we’ll review both of these options and their costs below. 

In-House Call Center Software 

In-house call center software is software that you purchase and install locally, and you are personally responsible for after purchasing it. For in-house call center software, the prices typically range from around $1,500 per user for smaller companies to around $1,000 per user for much larger companies. 

In addition, if you have not yet acquired telephone hardware for your call center, you are looking at another $500 per user or more, depending on who you are purchasing from. While in-house call center software is functional, it often requires an IT department that can handle the software and take care of any issues that may arise, making it a less desirable option for some companies. 

Hosted Call Center Software 

Hosted call center software, on the other hand, is a type of software that is based in the cloud, meaning that all operations and updates are taken care of by the hosting company. For these types of products, the prices often range $50 to $300 per user, depending entirely upon the number of users that you have, the size of your company, and what type of features you are looking for in your call center software. 

These solutions are often the most desirable as they are quick to set up, do not require much on your end if something goes wrong with the calling software, and are constantly updated by the host. This way, you continuously benefit from the service as it grows and evolves. 

Overall, unless you have access to the resources and are able to make sure that your call center software is running optimally and staying updated, using a hosted call center software is the best way to go for your company. Luckily, you can easily find great options that provide you with call center software free for a period of time, so that you can get the full experience of using a cloud-based platform.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how much it costs for call center software to download for customer service or telemarketing companies and departments.

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