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Bootstrap Business is hiring with several job openings now in 2024! Bootstrap Business and my other media properties are growing rapidly. Readership is increasing across the globe and I work with SEO agencies, marketing firms, and content marketers to help boost exposure for them and their clients. The world wide web is getting more congested and competitive by the hour and search engine optimization is key to helping your companies stand out. Without high quality backlinks, consistent quality content, and social media promotions your business has a very low chance of getting any organic traffic from Google or other top search engines. 


SEO is brutal right now and in a period of transition. Backlinks are one of the only differentiating factors right now for website search engine optimization success. Countless companies are interested in white hat backlink-building on high-quality websites like Bootstrap Business, Everything EntrepreneurLean Startup Life, and Frugal Finance through sponsored posts and niche link inserts in 2024. They also need content writers to write these posts and social media micro-influencers to drive more traffic and interest to their brand website. These are the primary services I provide to SEO agencies, marketing firms, and content marketers. 

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I already handle a lot of clients from around the world along with providing article writing, editing, formatting, placement, and content promotion on my 20 total websites spanning multiple industries. Because I am so busy I don't always have the time to do as much outreach as I would like to do. There are a lot of marketing and SEO agencies out there that need high authority blogs to publish their content on, along with reputable social media accounts to help promote their brands. 


As a Bootstrap Business outreach affiliate sales coordinator or manager, you will be connecting me with the companies and agencies in need of my services. You connect me to clients and I do the rest of the work!

You can work on your own schedule, part-time, and remote with this new career option or side hustle. I don't care what country you are from, as long as you get results! You can refer one order or hundreds of orders, that is up to you and your career aspirations. And if you end up referring an agency that places recurring monthly orders with me, that can be quite lucrative for you. There is no cap on the commissions you can earn while working from home with this remote affiliate job! Careers like this can be crucial to your long-term success in the SEO, blogging, and content marketing industry.

I also provide very generous professional recommendations, references, and would be happy to promote your blog or business as well. Potential bonuses are also available for high performers when selling backlinks, paid reviews, guest posts, and press release publications!

Candidate Qualifications: 

- Strong Email and/or Social Media skills
- Experience in SEO a plus
- Experience in Affiliate Sales a plus
- Dependable and responsible
- Motivated and positive attitude
- At least a basic-intermediate understanding of English

The last bit of criteria isn't necessarily required, but it will obviously help during outreach to higher paying brands and agencies in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. But I have worked with outreach associates from India, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa, and Asia with minimal understanding of English and they still enjoy strong earnings with the Bootstrap Business Blogger Outreach affiliate program. They have built up their careers and earnings significantly over the last few years alone.

Here are the 3 part-time remote positions that I am currently hiring for in a commission-based capacity:

1.  Blogger Outreach Sales Manager 
(15% Commissions, Part-Time Remote)

Selling Sponsored Content Posts, Ghost-Writing, and Backlinks to brands, content marketers, marketing firms, and SEO agencies.

2.  Micro- Influencer Marketing Sales Manager 
(15% Commissions, Part-Time Remote)

Selling Micro-Influencer Marketing Packages for my Social Media accounts to brands, content marketers, and marketing firms.

3.  Affiliate Sales Coordinator  
(15% Commissions, Part-Time Remote) 

- Selling Sponsored Content Posts & Ghost-Written Articles
- Selling Influencer Marketing Packages on Social Media
- Selling The $10 Digital Media Startup eBooks on Amazon
- Selling Digital Marketing Consulting Packages (in the future)

I have worked with freelancers and content marketers that have made hundreds or thousands of dollars a month USD $ with me just for connecting me to brands and agencies in need of a boost! And there's plenty of opportunity to make even more than that if you are ambitious in your SEO career. 

You can include this job on your resume to help your career. If you do a great job, I would also be happy to write you a referral, recommendation, or testimonial as well.

If you think you have got what it takes and you're looking to increase your earnings, please Contact Me and I will get in touch. Please have an updated resume, portfolio, or references ready. 

Career Building Resources

Building a successful career in the new economy is no easy feat. There have been shutdowns, layoffs, and lost jobs due to technological advances. We believe that no masterpiece can ever be created without great labor. You must put in sweat and blood and toil for a large number of days without fail to even see the stem finally popping out of the seedling. There are almost no instant rewards. It is time to take a step back and reflect on the hard work that we have all put in. As you celebrate this day, we want to remind you of the importance of keeping up with the constantly changing economic and job market landscape.

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Crush It With Your Career!

Your career is crucial so we are here to help you climb the ladder. More career-centric articles are written each month so make sure to check back often and subscribe to Bootstrap Business! Kick your career into overdrive in 2024 by becoming an affiliate marketer or network marketer on my growing team! Enjoy our growing list of job opportunities we are now hiring for by bookmarking this site and checking back often in 2024!

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