Online Interview Software – A Time And Money Saver For SMBs

online interview software save smb time money

In this day and age, not many employers find themselves with the time to arrange and handle interviews. In fact, with the recent global pandemic, more and more companies are turning to online solutions to help them to speed up their interview process and find the ideal candidate for the job. Fortunately, and thanks in no small part to online recruitment and interview tools, taking care of this task is now easier than ever, but why might you stand to benefit and what can you expect when using this type of service? 

What Is Video Recruiting? 

In short, it’s a technique employed by tens of thousands of businesses across the globe to negate the need for time-consuming phone interviews or in-person interviews. With a video service such as Vidcruiter, you can simply arrange a time and date to talk to a potential candidate for employment, and then get to talk to them face-to-face in a speedy way. 

What Are The Benefits Of Video Recruitment? 

There are a few key advantages, and the most prominent include: 

• The potential to save time 
• The negation of the need to arrange a location for an interview to take place 
• The ability to get to know the candidate via video call 
• The reduction of the need to dedicate resources to phone calls or physical interviews 

Let’s take a look at each of these benefits now and see how a service like Vidcruiter could help you to save time, effort and even money. 

Saving You Time 

One of the most demanding aspects of any interview is the time that they can take. Whether you are arranging a meeting at a café, an office, or anywhere in between – you will undoubtedly already know just how time- consuming these activities can be. With video interviews, you won’t need to travel anywhere, nor will you need to make arrangements for the interviewee to travel – you can simply arrange a date and time for them to be available and then meet them via the platform and have the process seamlessly managed for you. 

Additionally, the software offers a range of features including pre-recorded interviews, whereby you can contact the applicant prior with questions (or prepare them via the tool), and then have them log in and answer the questions that you have prepared for them, saving even more time and allowing you to review all recorded interviews one after the other. 

If you would prefer a more personalised approach, live interviews are also an option in a controlled, secure environment that guarantees the protection of data via advanced encryption capabilities – ensuring that only you and the person being interviewed know the content of the interview itself. 

Saving You Money 

If you typically have someone employed to handle interviews, this need can be reduced, freeing up extra cash for you to spend on other aspects of your business. As platforms like Vidcruiter are available for a small licensing fee, you could save tens of thousands from your annual expenses, all without sacrificing the potential to find the ideal candidate for your needs. In fact, more and more manual processes are being replaced by these automated and digital solutions because they can save money for company owners and those in need of employees. 

Why Try Online Interviewing Services? 

Never again will you have to deal with a scheduling conflict, nor will you need to deal with travel expenses or feel limited by geographical locations. With video interviewing software, both you and the candidate can benefit – and here is a closer look at how the applicant could actually perform better in their interview and showcase their talents without the stress of a physical option. 

Benefits For The Candidate 

Imagine how your applicant must be feeling before their interview – scared, stressed and anxious to name just a few emotions. If they suddenly learn that they can handle their interview process from the comfort of their own home, you are already putting them in a better position. 

Throw in the fact that they could also properly prepare for their interview using their own equipment, with notes to their side or on a desk, and even having access to their laptop to retrieve information to help you to better understand who they are and how they could help your business; you will undoubtedly see why this type of solution is beneficial to all involved. 

And once they are finished with their interview, they can get up, make a cup of tea and wait for good news if they are suitable for the role that you interviewed them for. They will walk away feeling comfortable and secure in their own environment, while you will get to step away knowing that you got to see a personal insight into who they are and how you can expect them to conduct themselves. 


When trying a service like Vidcruiter, you will likely love learning that they offer a free, no-obligation introduction to what they have to offer. If you like what you experience, you can then consider purchasing their services and then schedule as many interviews as you like, whether you are handling them or if you would prefer to delegate the task to someone else. Either way time, effort and money will be saved. 

After the interview, you will enjoy a range of benefits that can help you to narrow down a list for your final decision, whether there’s a top 10 or a top 3 – the platform provides an assortment of functions to take advantage of and enjoy to make life easier for you. 

The Future Of Recruitment 

Online video recruitment is certainly seeing an increase in popularity and although many put it down to the global health crisis, with this event slowly subsiding, more and more employers are turning to the solutions offered by services like Vidcruiter. Why waste time and resources on an old-fashioned system that is as outdated as it is lacking in efficiency? 

With an up-to-date alternative that maximises productivity whilst minimising time wasted and energy expended, you could be enjoying a seamless set of results with minimal fuss – enhancing the way that your business functions in the process.

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