How To Start A Kids Birthday Party Business

how to start a profitable kids birthday party business children parties company

Starting a new business can be overwhelming for some, but it all depends on how you approach it and how well you are prepared. There are some crucial first steps you need to take to make this startup experience pleasant and enjoyable. 


Here is our advice on launching a children's birthday party business: 

5 Steps To Launch A Children's Birthday Party Startup Business

1. Do Your Research 

You may have a basic idea on how you want your child birthday party planner business to look like and you wish to start off immediately. Still, it is best to be patient in this first phase of kids party planning and do some research. Look up what the market is offering right now and who will be your competition. How can you stand out among them? Do you have some unique and creative idea to offer compared to other child birthday party planners? Talk with people who have children and get some firsthand insights on what they are looking for. You might as well research some most common mistakes people make when starting a business. This will help you be well prepared and closer to your success for party plan profits. 

2. Envisioning And Planning 

Now that you have seen what is out there, it is time to focus on your ideas. Whatever choices you make don’t forget who is your target audience. You will not work just with children, but also with parents. You should, as well, consider if you want to narrow your down niche. This all depends on what is already offered in your city and what people are looking for. If you already did some research on party ideas, you will most probably have some general thought if you should keeping it broad or not. 

Afterwards you can start thinking of a name for your business. Spend a fair amount of time on this and keep it simple and clear on what it is trying to convey. Don’t forget that it also needs to be catchy, appealing and easy to remember. 

It would be smart to hire a designer to help you create a unique logo and a website. An inspiring mission statement is also something that is going to help you attract customers in the future. Try to be sincere and express your thought in a manner that will evoke an emotion in your clients. 

3. Estimate Your Budget 

First of all, do you plan to have a home-based business or rent an office space? Consider carefully advantages and disadvantages of both. What are other materials and supplies you will need? The most important part is to determine your services and pricing. Some basic services are: renting a venue, finding appropriate caterers, dealing with decorations and invitations, choosing a DJ and a photographer and/or a cameraman, etc. When determining prices first calculate your costs and then research typical rates in your area. Your level of expertise also influences your worth and maybe you should start with a lower price until your business grows a bit and you gain some experience. 

4. Setting Up An Office 

Now that you are done with basics, it is time to set up an office. Luckily, you will not need much. Laptop, phone and Internet are some necessities. Printer is also advisable. Consider some reception area, unless you plan to have an online business. Also determine if you want to run your business full-time or part-time. Finally, seek advice from attorney about applying for a business license and insurance. 

5. Marketing 

If you want your business to grow, advertising is unavoidable. Don’t underestimate any marketing method, starting from spreading the word among your friends, family and neighbors, to online marketing. Social media is nowadays the easiest and cheapest way to promote your business. Set up a Facebook page, Instagram and LinkedIn account and document every event you organize. Ask people to share your posts and leave a review if they are satisfied with your services. You can also start with affordable online adverts. Besides online marketing, try some print advertising such as brochures, flyers, etc. 

Lastly, don’t forget about the website we previously mentioned. Having one will make you look professional and it can also attract new customers. Don’t forget to always keep it updated when promoting a child's birthday party company. 

Keep in mind that the first step, and that is a thorough research, needs to be repeated many times, even after your child bday business is established. Trends frequently change and you need to keep up with them. Follow businesses from around the world that are in your niche, observe children, what they are like, what cartoons and toys are popular, speak to your costumers and gather some feedback. 

Party On And Profit 

Hopefully these initial steps will help you get your foot in the door and facilitate your journey. Don’t be scared to fail and learn along the way with the kids birthdays biz. Just remember to stay true to yourself and enjoy what you do. As Steve Jobs said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Good luck on your kids birthday party business venture! 

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