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MLM (multi-level marketing), also known as network marketing, can be a polarizing topic in the business world. For countless people all around the world, the companies with this kind business model provides a low-cost opportunity with massive income potential. There are countless network marketers out there that have made 6-8 figures with their network marketing business. The cost to get started in the MLM or direct selling industry is usually between $100 and $1,000 and the risk is pretty low. Most MLM companies also provide a proven business model to sell products while recruiting new independent reps in your downline and learning from your upline.

On the other hand, there are many that consider MLM as little more than a glorified pyramid scheme, where selling products is a distant second priority to recruiting more people in your downline. Countless people have also lost a lot of time and money doing MLM without much or any money to show for it. Some failed network marketers, or those involved with faulty companies shut down by the FTC, have lost thousands of dollars or more by getting involved in the MLM industry. There are many people around the world that have lost a lot of money from network marketing and direct selling.

mlm blogger mutli-level marketing blog network marketer articles

I have personally experienced both success and failures in multi-level marketing (MLM) from 2009-2012 with 3 different companies when I learned the business first-hand. I've also done consulting and digital marketing for many network marketers working with several MLM companies. I learned a great deal about sales and marketing as a network marketer and industry consultant, but haven't had a vested interest in the MLM industry in nearly a decade. So I can be unbiased and open-minded when it comes to writing and publishing articles on multi-level marketing and direct selling.

One thing is for sure regardless of your opinions or experiences: multi-level marketing and direct sales is a huge force in business and the global economy. Network marketing doesn't seem to be slowing down, in fact it seems to be growing rapidly. It's important to stay informed on the MLM industry and learn more about the major players and products that seem to change on a monthly basis.  

Only with multi-level-marketing or direct selling business model you can create fast and rapidly growing income within a matter of month. And your initial investment is pretty much negligible compared to any other proven and lucrative business opportunity out there. It doesn't get much better than that.

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More articles on MLM businesses, direct sales, multi-level marketers, affiliate marketing, and network marketing company opportunities coming soon from experts around the world to help you become a multi-level marketing mastermind!

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