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top twitter affiliate marketing programs monetize tweets

Making money online is a dream of so many. However, most don't even realize that it is very possible to do so with the popular social media platform Twitter. Consider these five top Twitter affiliate programs - you might be surprised at the monetary benefits you can reap. Twitter is big business, so it is time for you to earn your share of the profits! 


Top Twitter Affiliate Marketing Programs

As the name implies, this program is truly a great match for Twitter. The affiliate program's official website reads, "You earn $10 for every sign up you refer to BrandChirp from your website or marketing campaign. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer." Clearly, the potential earnings with this program are unlimited, and you can continually use this program to help you earn some extra money. Leverage the power of social media, especially Twitter, to earn affiliate commissions.

Tweet Whistle
Don't you just love when programs have a free sign-up? When this occurs, it's possible to make money without having to put down any in the first place. Tweet Whistle's official website outlines their program by noting that you can earn 50 percent from every sale that you complete. Other benefits include "tons of marketing material," "affiliate tutorial videos" and "custom tracking links" to create the best experience possible for you in your new money-making endeavor.

Methods2Earn's article "How to Make Money from Twitter-Best Affiliate Programs" points to RevTwt as the best one out there. The benefits include the ability to earn 20 percent commission and a pay-per-click method. With this method, you're paid each time that someone clicks on one of the ads. By advertising yourself and the benefits of the ads that are on your page, you have the potential to become the master of your own fate. Use social media to your advantage to promote these products and services, and you'll definitely encourage people to click on the ads.

"How to Make Money from Twitter-Best Affiliate Programs" really talks about the distinct benefits of this program. In fact, the article states, "Twitpub is one of the best Twitter affiliate programs that you would find on web to earn money from your tweets . It has been reviewed by CNET, Venturebeat and such quality websites as the best marketplace made for Twitter, so users can buy and sell premium tweets. You can make money as you Tweet by earning 80% Payout and control your account via your Twitpub Dashboard!" In effect, TwitPub means serious money.

You may have heard of ChaCha before, because it's a fairly popular web phenomenon. Now, you can use it as a business Twitter affiliate program. In fact, the official website for this affiliate program notes that one of the people who uses this affiliate program actually made over $2,000 in one day, so you clearly have room to earn.

Cash In On Twitter Tweets Today
If you want to make money with your Twitter account, it's more than possible! Look into one of these Twitter affiliate marketing programs. As you start to get into a groove, you will likely notice a nice stream of money into your bank account via Twitter. Read also about designers to follow on Twitter who can give useful experience.

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