10 Top Link Building Strategies To Build Backlinks 2024

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The algorithms of Google search are complex, and always changing. However, backlinks continue to be a crucial factor in how search engines determine which websites will get a high-ranking position. Even as Google tries to downplay the power of backlink building each year, it is undeniable that links are always a top ranking factor. Google can't fool SEOs around the world with their generic guidelines and bland best practices for 2024 links. 

More people than ever are decrying SEO as being dead, which has been stated for 15 years now at this point. Even in an age of ChatGPT growth and Google decline (Bard hasn't exactly panned out yet), SEO and link-building are more important than ever before.

While link building is recognized as one of the most time consuming and challenging SEO (search engine optimization) tactics, when done correctly it can really help to rank your website high in search results. Backlinks are a big deal for your business webpage or blog.

So, whether you want to grow your business, or level up your link building game, here are some of the top popular SEO pro strategies you shouldn’t miss out on when building better backlinks in 2023. Hire top SEO link building services for your company websites or try some of these effective backlinking tips on your own for 2024: 

Top 10 Best Link Building Strategies For 2024

1. Tiered Link Building 

Tiered link building isn’t commonly talked about but can be a powerful type of link building. Tiered link building is the process of creating a tiered hierarchy of relevant guest post links which connect with each other to help provide more power to your main service page. 

The process involves a main niche website, a content hub, a relevant blog and the service page you want to gain a backlink from. Here is an example of what this backlink building might look like: 

• Website: home kitchen renovations 
• Content Hub: renovation tips 
• Blog: Essential Tips To Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets 
• Service: Kitchen repainting and repairs 

As you can see each backlink tier is related to one another and this is crucial when it comes to tiered link building. Everything has to be related in the niche and the subject matter which is written. 

For more information you can click this guide tiered link building page to gain more insight into this powerful link building strategy and how to do it. 

2. Guest Posting 

Guest posting involves the process of writing blog posts that other websites will feature. It’s an effective link building strategy that most websites rely on because of its benefits. Some of these benefits include boosting website authority, improving exposure, and building more relationships. 

It’s important to remember that Google wants to see links leading back to your website. If websites are linking to you, it means you’re providing quality, interesting, and valuable content. Once you start producing high quality and unique content, you may start looking for websites interested in featuring your articles as guest posts. 

When it comes to guest posting, you should find authoritative blogs, resources, or websites that can drive relevant traffic and more potential customers to you. To achieve this and earn authority backlinks, you should look for websites which: 

• Are in your niche. 
• Have high traffic 
• Have decent metrics 

The golden rule to remember is to build links on websites with a higher domain authority than yours. Moz.com, SEMrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, and other sites can provide tools to assist you with finding sites with strong page authority, trust flow, and domain rating. 

3. Broken Link Building 

Any broken link is considered harmful to the SEO of a website as it contributes to poor user experience. Bringing broken links to the attention of a webmaster is a great opportunity to score yourself a backlink. 

Also referred to as dead link building, broken link building is the practice of finding resources which are no longer live in your niche, then creating a new version of that content before reaching out to webmasters and asking them to link to that content to replace the broken link with your new resource page. 

If you want to get results with broken link building, you should first identify the blogs or webpages in your niche that contain some broken links and which would be of value to you. This requires the use of a good backlink tool. 

The next thing to do is to contact the webmaster and let them know there's broken links on certain web pages. From there you can ask whether you can provide a suitable replacement for the broken link. Broken link building takes a lot of time, but is worth it when dead link backlinking is done right. 

4. Internal Linking 

Internal links are the links that go from one webpage to another within the same site. Often, internal links are ignored but they can be an effective way to help your audience dig deeper within your website. 

When it comes to internal links, always search for keyword phrases on any of your web pages and link them to your homepage or inner page with more information. Through this, your audience will stay longer and will explore your website further. 

There are many benefits of using internal links as one of your link building strategies and these include the following: 

• It helps pass link juice equally to some web pages on your website and boosts your page authority. 

• It reduces your website’s overall bounce rate. 

• It improves your older blog post’s exposure and traffic. 

• It boosts your website’s indexation and overall crawlability. 

• It helps with ranking keywords if your web page has strategic internal links and relevant content. Internal link building shouldn’t be ignored as it helps your main pages to rank better long term. 

5. Blog Commenting 

It’s a fun and easy way to acquire backlinks from various industry blog sites if you’ve got the expertise and time to participate. When commenting on blogs, always include your website URL. 

Although it’s a bit time consuming to comment on quality blogs, it can offer you several benefits in the end, especially if you’re focused on getting long-term results. 

One of the benefits is the chance for you to boost the odds of you being noticed by blog owners, which can be helpful in building credibility for your brand. But, for you to enjoy the benefits of blog commenting, make sure to do it often. 

Blog comments for quick backlinks aren't as effective as they used to be many years ago, but they can still be beneficial if done correctly.

6. Take Advantage Of Influencers 

It’s one of the underrated link building strategies. Although influencer marketing is known as a great marketing technique, it’s not mentioned when it comes to link building. 

The best part of taking advantage of influencers for your link building is it can help you earn multiple links. For instance, if you ask an influencer to write a blog and include your link, influencers can promote the blog on different social media platforms and tag your business or brand. In this way, you’ll get traffic from various sources with the use of one piece of content and one influencer. The more social media posts including your website links and hashtags, the more backlinks you will generate naturally.

Another way to get backlinks from influencers is through publishing content on their blog posts. If you have a good relationship with the influencers, they can also mention and add your link to their content. So, being on good terms with known industry influencers can be beneficial. 

7. Make Quality Infographics And Post Them On Different Websites 

Another link building strategy for 2023 that lets you create more backlinks is the use of infographics as repurposed content. 

When compared to blog posts, for which websites require new content, infographics may be posted on different websites. You may change an infographic description and send the same infographic to several websites. 

Infographics are also much easier to share and often get more visibility in comparison to the usual blog posts. You can also share them on social media channels, so your target audience can read or share it easily. Normally, a single infographic will give you more links and shares compared to blog posts. 

8. Participate In Community Forums 

People often think of this strategy as unethical. But, once you do it in the proper and right manner, this link building technique can get you lots of relevant website traffic. 

The key is to engage in conversations and join forums in your niche with an intent to help people rather than posting spammy links. Answer questions and join conversations in niches relevant to yours and build your audience. If possible, post links only if they’re relevant to the topic and helpful for everyone in the conversation. You shouldn’t post numerous links because it’ll make you look spammy and you can be kicked out of community forums. 

9. Participate In Interviews And Expert Roundups 

If you consider yourself an industry expert, you can get a lot of invites to give your views for expert roundups or blog posts. You may even have some people from your niche asking questions on trending industry topics. You can use them as a chance to build links for your site. 

When you take part in such roundups or answer questions, you may add links to relevant resources about that topic. Make sure the link fits with the content naturally and it must be relevant. 

Once you agree to be a part of an interview, request to add your website link or bio link. This won’t just give more exposure to your products or services with backlinks, but can also help you boost your credibility. 

10. Monitor Your Competitors 

Another effective link building strategy you shouldn’t miss involves monitoring your competitors. Thorough competitor analysis is great to determine where they get their links from. It can also help you distinguish the websites which are ideal for guest posting. 

Another way to analyze the data of your competitors is to know what kind of content they produce that gets them the most backlinks. With the data you gather, you can easily determine the topics or types of content for your website to get the highest possible number of backlinks. Moreover, you may use such insights to improve your link building and content strategies, which can help drive more traffic to your site. 

Don't Forget About Media Mentions 

Sometimes you can earn mentions that don't include a backlinks. These mentions definitely do make an impact in search results, directly or indirectly. These media mentions on major publications or press releases give your name, brand, or business more legitimacy in Google's eyes. This also usually it leads to more searches for you or your business brand, and can end up earning you more traffic and backlinks in the end. 

The unlinked brand mention page itself could even end up a top search result, which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you are looking to achieve in 2023.

The Takeaway On Top Link Building Strategies

The link profile of your website is one of the most crucial factors that determine its rank in search engine results in 2024. Google and Bing pay attention to the experience you create for your users when link building. So, be strategic and smart with your link building strategy and focus on gaining only natural and quality links. Are you ready to start your link building campaign to build better backlinks

Backlinks matter big time for blogs and businesses of all types. They always have, and they always will. So go get them and start growing on Google along with other top search engines!

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