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trade capitol review mobile trading broker rating

Trade Capitol Review Fast Facts

Account Minimum: $0 

Product Offerings: Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Options, Bonds, Commodities, Futures 

Why We Choose Trade Capitol 

Trade Capitol is one of the top-rated mobile trading platforms in the industry today. Apart from its intuitive mobile platform, the broker also has some incredible offerings to attract different types of traders and investors. The following review topics are the main reasons that put Trade Capitol ahead of most of its online broker competitors. 

Powerful Mobile App 

Trade Capitol offers an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app with powerful tools and functions for all levels of traders. The app puts the user at the center of its design, with a simplistic interface and customizable processes that streamline the entire trading experience for both beginners and advanced traders. 

Excellent Trade Execution 

Trading on Trade Capitol is also much easier because of their proprietary smart order routing software. The technology tracks assets' price movements across multiple market centers constantly. That ensures the fast execution of trades at the best available market prices. 

Diverse Investment Opportunities 

Trade Capitol also provides a broader selection of trading instruments for retail traders and institutional investors. The broker's portfolio comprises various conventional assets, new asset classes, and other unique offerings with fixed ROIs. 

Reliable Customer Support 

Due to its round-the-clock customer support, many traders will also find Trade Capitol a convenient trading platform. The broker has friendly and experienced customer support assistants to guide clients in navigating their platform and answering questions regarding their services. That significantly improves the overall customer experience on Trade Capitol. 

Trade Capitol Overview 

Trade Capitol is one of the most coveted trading platforms, attracting traders and investors from different parts of the globe. However, that does not mean trading with Trade Capitol is smooth; the broker also has some potential constraints you should understand before investing with them. 


● Powerful mobile trading app 
● Excellent order execution 
● Diverse investment products 
● Reliable customer support 


● Trade Capitol is inaccessible in some regions 
● Limited customizability 

Trading Experience 

The trading experience on Trade Capitol is generally straightforward and seamless. The broker also supports desktop and web-based versions, but its mobile app is the highlight. Its mobile platform is ideal for professional trading, but it features a simplistic interface and intuitive tools that enable even novices to use it with little difficulty. 

Trade Capitol's mobile app boasts a suite of robust tools and amenities for all types of traders. Thanks to the smart-order routing software, executing trades on Trade Capitol is always prompt and efficient. The platform also supports staging orders for later execution and multiple order types. 

The broker's traders also have access to several other tools and functions, including charts, watchlists, technical analysis tools, calculators, screeners, real-time data streaming, research, and news. Most of the functionalities are pre-built, with limited customizability options that could sometimes seem as inadequate to advanced traders. 

What Do They Offer? 

Trade Capitol boasts robust product offerings for different types of traders and investors. The broker emphasizes an extensive portfolio that perfectly captures the demands of retail traders and institutional investors. The broker's offerings comprise a fair mix of all the standard asset classes and other unique products with fixed incomes. 

Here let's review the range of Trade Capitol's product offerings. 

● Stocks 
● Crypto 
● Forex 
● Options 
● Bonds 
● Commodities 

While the above list might seem shorter to some traders, remember the Trade Capitol offers several unique products under each asset class. For instance, they provide: 

● Long and short stocks. 
● Major currency pairs. 
● Different types of bonds. 
● All the leading cryptocurrencies. 

Fees And Commissions 

The fees and commissions on Trade Capitol vary based on several factors. However, the broker does not charge account minimums and inactivity fees. Besides, stock trades are exempt from fees and commissions on Trade Capitol. The broker's margin interest rates at are also relatively lower than its immediate competitors. Check their website for a comprehensive fee schedule and guidelines on calculating your trading costs. 

Customer Support 

Traders can easily interact with Trade Capitol's support team via phone, email, and live chats which has given it positive reviews. The department can answer questions about Trade Capitol services and assist in navigating their platforms. 

The Bottom Line On Trade Capitol

Trade Capitol shines with a powerful mobile app, superior trade execution, diverse trading instruments, and reliable customer support. It is an excellent choice for beginners and active traders. However, consider your investment goals and risk threshold before investing with Trade Capitol. Also, contact the broker for more information.

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