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Discounts Domains - Buy The Best Domain Names And Discounted Websites On A Budget

When it comes to launching your new business in today's modern age, your website is an essential element of success. The right website domain name and optimization can literally make or break your business. Think of your business website as the modern day business card, resume, or TV commercial. This is true more than ever these days after recent events and technologies have created an increasingly competitive globalized digital economy. With Web 3.0 and the metaverse rolling out more each month, having the right domain names and websites is more important than ever before. 


If your business isn't on the web, it doesn't exist in a lot of industries. Customers need to be able to find you online, and without a proper company website you will not be taken seriously as a professional business. Websites are requirements now for businesses and not just options. It is 2023 now so your business needs a professional website and the right domain name heading into the 2024 digital economy. 

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Ideally you want a domain name that is short, memorable, catchy, and is rich in the keywords you want to rank for on Google and other top search engines with search engine optimization (SEO). And while there are plenty of valuable top-level domains (TLDs) that should require an open mind, all things being equal you should strive to get that gold-standard ".com" option. But there is nothing wrong with a solid ".org" or ".co" or ".net" domain name or even the more trendy new ".io" and ".agency" domains. Any domain name can work well if you make it work in 2024.

But domain names and websites can be expensive for entrepreneurs and small business owners without the resources of large corporations. Some premium or expired domain names can cost between $10,000 and $100,000+ which certainly isn't feasible for most lean startups or SMBs. Even expired domain names with PBN penalty risks from Google can cost $1,000-2,000+ easily, with a lot of work required to get them back on track for SEO success. That is a lot of online overhead to take on just for a domain name, without taking into account building the actual website and building your actual business!

That is why Bootstrap Business created our Discounts Domains service to provide a discounted domain names marketplace with affordable URL prices and sites, along with select complete turnkey websites for sale as well. We are just starting out with our discounted domain name and website selling marketplace for a wide variety of online niches. Soon we will be dominating domains worldwide!

Stay tuned as we continue adding premium new domain names and top-tier turnkey websites for discounted prices. We will be acquiring new and expired domain names along with new already built sites going forward throughout 2023.

Payments for domain names and websites are made through PayPal (which also accepts credit cards and debit cards), GoDaddy, Afternic, and/or Flippa when applicable. Domain names are transferred via, Siteground, or Hasty Domains.

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Discount Domain Names For Sales

Premium keyword rich domain names for sale and expired domains costing under $1,000 and available to purchase from me on GoDaddy or Afternic.

• - $999 

• - $995

• - $975

• - $950 

• - $950 

• - $950

• - $925

•  - $900

• - $900

• - $900

• - $900 

• - $875 

• - $850 

• - $800

• - $750 

Many more discount domain names and expired domains are being listed soon to buy, complete with domain age, backlinks, and social media shares. You could even purchase these domain name options to forward to your top business ventures, especially since there are many existing backlinks already created and live.

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Discounted Complete Websites For Sale

Want to buy a turnkey website ready to rock? Take a look at our complete functional websites for sale with domain names and content. These websites are ready for turnkey profits with AdSense, text or banner advertisements, affiliate links, network marketing, direct selling, paid reviews, dropshipping, educational course selling, MLM, fitness, wellness, fashion, and/or sponsored content revenue streams. 

While I admit the sites below aren't exactly priced at deep discounts, you have to take into consideration the time taken to build them and their existing SEO benefits right off the bat.

• - $5,000

• - $4,200

• - $3,500

• - $4,000

• - $3,000

• - $3,500

• - $3,000

• - $4,500

• - $4,000 

• - $4,000 

Many more top-tier discounted websites will be listed soon in 2023 to purchase - complete with content, web pages, domain age, social shares, and backlinks for immediate search engine optimization success.

Take Your New Website To The Next Level

Also visit our Search Engine Optimization, Blogger Outreach, and Website Design sections of the Bootstrap Business Blog to learn more about maximizing your new discounts domains website traffic. 

Purchasing the right website and building your website can be the most important part of your business, so make sure you do it right. With the right domain name and site purchased, the sky is the limit for your business success! Now ramp up your ROI and register!


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Double Up On Your Digital Domains

We will have many more articles or blog posts on buying domain names and website purchases coming soon to the Bootstrap Business Blog from web experts around the world in 2023 to prepare for Web3 and ChatGPT. Check back again soon aspiring webmasters for more news and assets available! 

And stay tuned for our upcoming Discounts Domains Affiliate Program to earn commissions helping me sell these domain names and websites. Earn up to 25% after a successful complete domain name or website sale referral in 2023!

All domain names and websites bought and sold are subject to the terms and conditions of this website, GoDaddy, Siteground, Hasty Domains, Hostgator, Afternic, Flippa, PayPal, ICANN, and any other involved organization. No refunds or exchanges on discounts domain name purchases or websites bought, all sales are final. We are not responsible for any website traffic, backlink profiles, earnings claims, spam scores, manual actions, visitor drops, or other web-related issues. Read all terms and conditions on websites purchased or intermediary websites involved in the transactions.

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