Why Choosing A Domain Name Is Crucial Before Starting Your Business

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Everybody who wants to start a business must realize how fierce the competition is when entering a new market. Nowadays, with how every industry is digitalized, there’s likely to be someone who provides the same kind of service or product as you do on the internet – and they won’t be likely to just roll over and give you breathing room. That’s why you need to come up with a good branding strategy to make yourself stand out among the competition – and that includes having a brandable domain name! 

What do you think of the domain name like ebay.com? It’s short, catchy, and most importantly of all – can you imagine any other brand name that would be as suitable? 

It’s an integral part of digital marketing that you simply can’t ignore. There are many benefits to gain from having a good domain name, here’s why. 

1. You Can Gain Trust More Quickly 

If you wish for a chance to succeed, you need more than just a good product or service – you need to persuade your potential customers that you won’t let them down! 

Now, a business or domain name also reflects on trust. This is especially true if you’re deciding between a subdomain yoursite.example.com or a professional-looking domain name yoursite.com. Now, ask yourself: which one of these two you’d bet your money on? 

The most common subdomains are sub.wordpress.com and sub.blogspot.com and these two are widely known for providing a blog service for free. If you use a free subdomain, people will think you’re not serious enough about delivering the best service to them. That’s an awful way to kickstart your business, isn’t it? 

2. It Can Help Boost Your SEO Ranking 

When it comes to reeling in organic traffic, SEO is the only way to go. It’s only rational that your customers would click the first site they see on Google search results – and you should make it your mission to rank on top. So, what does a good domain name bring to the table for SEO? 

Google has an algorithm that records the keyword most people type when they’re searching for a certain piece of information. If a site’s domain contains that keyword, it will give your audience an urge to click it. So, make sure to do keyword research first before you decide on a domain name. Just be sure to make it sound natural and not something like bestgamingstore.com. 

3. Prevent Others From Using Your Brand Name 

When it comes to registering a domain name, time is of the essence! There is no telling whether it’s going to stay available for long, right? 

Failure to register a domain name that exactly matches your brand can be catastrophic. Let’s say your brand is Food-o-pedia – wouldn’t you want your domain name to be foodopedia.com? 

Imagine you have already spent days on the whole logo and design, put it on printable media, and used it on social media. Then, you find out that someone else has registered a similar domain name like food-o-pedia.com. Would it suck? 

It may cause confusion for both parties – or even worse, your potential customers will click the other site by mistake and you’ll be giving free marketing for your competitor. At least if you register first, you would have a much stronger legal standing by playing the copyright card. 

4. More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing 

Back then, it may have been a common practice to keep up appearances by using traditional media such as newspapers, billboards, flyers, or even less traditional options like television ads. 

However, all of those combined together couldn't hold a candle over the increased growth and brand awareness acceleration offered by a strong domain name. 

Traditional marketing has an expiry date, and maintaining it is no walk in the park – plus, it may drain your resources faster than you can gain money from it. 

With a good domain name, all you have to do is keep paying for its annual fees (which doesn’t cost much) and it will stay relevant as long as you have your business. 

5. It Can Have High Resale Value 

If you’re planning to sustain your business for the long term, good for you. But, it’s still nice to know that the domain name you’re buying will not decrease its value over time if one day you decide to sell it. 

Think of it as a strategic place for an offline store – it can be hard to come by and the ones still available will mostly cost a fortune. The same thing applies to a good domain name. 

Furthermore, a highly brandable domain name that’s used for a long time must already have lots of backlinks which places it in such a good spot in SEO ranking. That’s what will make it a valuable asset since anyone who buys your domain won’t have to begin their SEO journey from scratch. 

6. It Helps Your Customers Find You 

With how everything is automated these days, you still can’t deny the effectiveness of word of mouth marketing strategies. 

It’s one thing to hear good things about your business from your site or landing page, but it’s another to hear it from a close friend they can trust. 

“I know this site that offers you what you need, it’s… umm… You know what? Never mind. I forgot the web address.” Well, this scenario won’t happen if you spend some time to think of a catchy and short domain name that will stick to your customer’s mind. 

A well-thought-out discounted domain name will be more than capable of creating a ripple effect that benefits brand awareness – and that’s an advantage you wouldn’t want to miss. 


We have shown you the reasons why coming up with a brandable domain name is among the very first steps toward success. 

Not only will it help you look trustworthy and interesting, but it will also be your brand’s identity that you have to carry for as long as your business is alive – you wouldn’t want to mess up something that important, would you? 

You should take some serious time to research the best domain name your business deserves, but remember – grab it before someone else takes it! Good luck!

Author Mary Derosa is a passionate blogger and the chief editor at her own content marketing company PRable.com. Since college, she's been interested in break-through technology and technical writing about innovative products and services that change our everyday lives for the better. She's also interested in web design and photography."

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