3 Steps to Take Registering a Domain Name

Before your new site can hit the worldwide web and find an audience, you’ll need to register a suitable and affordable domain name. Fortunately, whether you’re a first-time site owner or someone who’s done this dance many times before, registering a domain name can be a simple and stress-free undertaking. However, if you go into this process without the proper knowledge, there’s a good chance you’ll hit a few roadblocks along the way. To ensure that your domain name registration efforts go off without a hitch, take care to put the following pointers to good use. 

1. Decide On A Fitting Name 

Before you can actually register a domain name, you’ll need to decide on one that’s reflective of both your business website and the area of interest to which it caters. Additionally, the name you select should be as brief and to-the-point as possible. Domain names that exceed three words in length are often cumbersome to type and difficult to remember. Furthermore, when crafting the ideal name, make a point of avoiding numbers, hyphens and other unnecessary symbols, as shifting between letters and symbols can make the typing process irksome. Limiting yourself to no more than three words and steering clear of the aforementioned symbols will ultimately prove beneficial to your visitor numbers and search rankings. 

2. Be Open To Compromise 

No matter how unique a domain name you come up with, there’s a better than average chance that your first choice has already been claimed. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go back to the drawing board. Prominent domain name registration services like Register.com allow prospective clients to instantly confirm whether or not their chosen names are currently available. This is often a simple matter of typing the name you wish to register into a box, hitting “Enter” and being presented with instant results. In the event that you name you entered is presently in use, you’ll be provided with a convenient list of alternatives. 

3. Remember The Locale You Serve 

If your site is meant to attract local visitors, you’d be wise to include your general locale in the domain name you buy. Not only will this increase your chances of connecting with your intended audience, it will ensure that you have far less competition to worry about on the search engine front. Ergo, if your site is meant to promote a web design company in Milwaukee, WI, opt for a domain name like “WebDesignMilwaukee.com” or “MilwaukeeWebDesign.com.” 

Domain name registration is often the first step in launching a website and online brand. Whether your site is meant to generate income or simply serve as a creative outlet, it will need a catchy, concise domain name that reflects its core mission. Luckily, provided you arm yourself with the right tips, registering a domain name shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time. In the quest to simplify the domain name registration process, remember to put genuine thought into the name you choose, be open to compromise and stay cognizant of the audience you’re hoping to reach.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the necessary steps for registering a domain name.

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