4 Tips To Make Your Website More SEO Friendly

Website SEO Friendly Search Engine Optimization Keywords Site Navigation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is mostly a matter of constantly applying the right strategies and staying abreast of the most recent Google algorithm changes. Although modern SEO is a holistic endeavor, the following four tips can make your website climb up a few spots on the Google search engine results page (SERP). 

1. Semantic Keyword Research 

Although Google has come a long way in terms of how its algorithm evaluates websites, keywords are still major signals for the search engine spiders, crawlers and robots. Recently, Google announced RankBrain, a smart algorithm update that reportedly evaluates the semantic nexus of keywords. 

For example, a website for Ottawa IT services could optimize its content with articles related to managed services, network security and consulting. If Google RankBrain does not find too much content outside of IT services promoted in Ottawa, it cannot establish a semantic nexus, which would result in low SERP ranking. 

2. Give Website Visitors Something To Do 

Google is paying close attention to the actions visitors take upon arrival. If you set up a landing page that only gives visitors an opportunity to either click on a link or go back to the referral page, your SERP rank will likely be affected. The new SEO paradigm largely consists of offering visitors the opportunity to do something. For example, if the Meta description of a page mentions a video tutorial, the page content should include a YouTube clip preceded by a call to action inviting visitors to click or tap on the embedded object. 

3. Optimize Site Navigation 

A website that is difficult to navigate is not likely to rank high on the SERP. Site navigation is something that Google has always paid attention to, and this is a signal that will probably become more sophisticated in the future. Adequate navigation is part of user experience, which is a top-level signal for Google. In general, the text of menu tags must elicit a semantic match with the content of the pages that visitors will be navigating to. 

4. SEO For A Mobile World 

One of the very few search algorithm changes that Google actually announced prior to implementation was its 2015 Mobile Update, which penalizes websites that are not friendly to mobile browsers. The penalties translate into low SERP ranking; thus far, Google has not been too strict in this regard, but that may change in the near future, especially with AMP websites being prioritized in search results and social media posts.

SEO Agency

Sometimes you just don't have the time or experience to follow and implement the latest search engine optimization practices. In situations like this, you either function at a disadvantage to your competition, or you have to hire a reputable SEO agency. Finding a reliable SEO agency can be quite difficult as they promise you things they can not deliver, SEO Manchester is a very trusted and reliable agency to go with.

In the end, the four SEO tips above are only just the beginning. Google can implement dozens of algorithm adjustments in a year; it is up to you stay abreast of them. When it comes to things like this it is a good idea to do your research and do all you can to make your site as SEO-friendly as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this article on tips to make your company's website more SEO friendly and successful on Google.

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Website SEO Friendly Search Engine Optimization Keywords Site Navigation

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