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Neo-Fin has launched its own prefabricated IT product, enabling very fast use of embedded software for credit union within 5-35 days. 

The Neofin association in the complex covers the issue from the technical and legal side. Portable source code The IT solution guarantees greater flexibility and independence for the user. Neo-Fin gives you total freedom to redesign, tweak and improve the original product, completely on the edge of the user. This is convenient for users and yet a rarity in the market for credit issues, where about 55% of the source code is the property of the company.

Simple and technologically advanced are the main advantages of the Neo-Fin solution. 

Neofin software allows companies to launch a whole lending service both online and offline in the shortest possible time. The package of services includes all functions from creating a site using the editor to the registration service, issuing a loan, and its further action. Including you get a White Label mobile application for iOS or Android. It is also allowed to improve the existing mobile application of the trading network with the added functionality of credit solutions. It is reliable, profitable, and convenient for any group. 

The following can be added to the main advantages of the ready-made boxed solution from Neo-Fin: 

• the maximum speed of launching a turnkey solution — from 10 days; the price is tens and hundreds of times more profitable than writing from scratch; 

• reliable and proven architecture for maximum scaling of IT solutions compared to analogs; 

• flexibility and independence due to open source code and the possibility of self-improvement; 

• fast technical support from Neo-Fin fintech specialists; 

• all modules in one set, and the product itself is based on the most modern technologies; 

• intuitive business user interface; 

• all necessary integrations are available "out of the box", and there is no need to spend time studying the documentation of payment systems, credit bureaus, telecom providers, marketing services, financial monitoring databases, and third-party scoring systems. 

Buy Now - Pay Later 

A development that allows any bank or financial company to integrate with different merchants and seamlessly finance end-user purchases on the “buy now, pay later” principle. Thus, any financial institution can get new warm customers and increase the customer base with a low cost of acquisition. 

Scoring System 

This module allows you to make a credit decision in 1-15 minutes based on real-time data analysis. The engine includes more than 150 types of criteria, such as bankruptcy, insolvency, money laundering, general credit scoring in Experian, Equifax, and many other sources. 


This module helps you manage leads: track their history, set tasks, send AI-powered notifications, and run analytics from a simple, intuitive admin panel. 

Client Identification 

Provides all the necessary tools to perform KYC quickly and smoothly: AI-based 3D facial recognition system, video verification, document recognition, customer application forms, and data verification algorithms. 

In a few simple steps, without knowledge of programming languages, a user can build his own (White Label) web application to start selling loan products and servicing a loan portfolio. 

The solution provides a full launch cycle from lead generation to further identification of the client, assessing him for default risks, signing a package of documents, and accompanying the client's loan, including marketing activities and collection of overdue debts by robots. 

The APIs are compatible with millions of third-party apps and providers, allowing you to use Neofin across geographic boundaries. Documentation is available at the link. 

The API also allows you not to be limited to launching web products exclusively but to deploy a mobile application for popular platforms as soon as possible.

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