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I just recently took the Google Analytics Academy Certification course exam and definitely got a lot out of it. Google AdWords obviously goes hand in hand with Google Analytics and can be a crucial part of your company's digital marketing strategy. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a growing field that isn't going away any time soon. I have been thoroughly enjoying this free course with a lot to offer to help you answer for new changes in SEM. Here is Part 1 of my notes and answers for the Google AdWords Certification Test that will help get you ready to take the AdWords Certification Exam:

Google AdWords PPC Basics: 

1) Target Your Ads
2) Control Your Costs
3) Measure Your Success
4) Manage Your Campaigns

Google AdWords Editor: Edit campaigns offline to re-upload

Google Search Network: Google Search, Maps, Shopping, Partner Websites, & More.

Google Display Network: Google Finance, YouTube, Blogger / Blogspot, Gmail, Partner Sites

Keywords: Words or phrases that describe your product. A max Cost Per Click (CPC) for each keyword

Ad Extensions: Expand information available from your ad including additional URL, Map, Phone #, or Download Button. No extra charge for extension but charged for interactions as you normally would for the rest of the ad. Up to 6 URL's. Increases ad prominence. Minimum Ad Rank required.

Prominence: Estimation of ad's visibility on search results page. Examples: higher ad position and ad formatting. Primarily measured by average change in CTR Click Through Rate

Ad Rank: A Value used to determined ad position and appearance frequency. Calculated with bid, quality score, and expected impact of ad extensions. Doesn't take into account auction-time factors.

Quality Score: Expected CTR, Relevance, & Landing Page UX

CPC:  Cost Per Click Bidding
CPM: Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (Awareness)
CPA:  Cost Per Acquisition: Conversions. Specific actions on your website after clicking your ad link. Actual amount you may be charged can vary due to factor's outside of Google's control. However, adjusts over time to minimize going over the bids. 

Manual Bidding: Full control over bids at Ad Group level, individual ads, or for a specific keyword 

Google Note: Actual costs may vary auction to auction

Visibility: Display ad must be at least 50% visible for at least 1 second. Video ad must be at least 50% visible for at least 2 seconds. 

Active View Enabled: websites offer viewable CPM  bids for display ads. Make sure your ads are being seen!  

Google Campaign Type: Where your ads can show and format

Campaign Sub-Type: Settings, Options, Specific Goals. (Standard, All Features, or Marketing Objectives). 

Search Network Only: Ads show up throughout sites on Google Search Network. Links AdWords keywords to words or phrases someone uses on Google Search. Shows relevant text ads on search results pages. 

Display Network Only: Ads displayed throughout Google Display Network. Matches your text, images, videos, or rich media ads to websites and other placements like YouTube & Mobile Apps w/ content related to your targeting. 2 Million websites reaching 90% of Internet users.

Google Search Network w/ Display Select: Both options utilized 

You are halfway there to taking the exam and getting certified in Google AdWords and becoming a PPC professional!

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I hope you enjoyed this article on getting certified with Google AdWords to improve your digital marketing performance

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