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To compete with search engine optimization (SEO), you need the best tools to search for new opportunities, save your time and track how your SEO can be boosted, at your fingertips. It is important, however, for SEO experts to use the insight available from the tools, to work as a search manager for a multinational company, a digital marketing manager, a digital marketing agency account manager, an SME owner even though you have your own blog. 

As already mentioned, these SEO software options are not only tools for agencies and experts, but all marketers should also be aware of the availability and use of these digital marketing tools. It is difficult to know which tools are important with the vast array, so the best way to know is to break them down or classify them. 

There are six key types of SEO management tools for us, so we thought of sharing our favorites in the following categories would be helpful. 

Keyword Analysis 
Content Ideas 
Link Building 
Link Removal 
Technical SEO 

We have done our utmost effort to break them up into three types of tools for each of the categories-free, freemium and paid tools for our search engine optimization strategists. 

1. Keyword Analysis 

Brian Dean said, "There is no SEO without keywords." Of course, keywords guide users of your website, which means how popular your site is, depends heavily on how much you use it. With the help of "hide" data from Google AdWords' keyword planner, achieving effective keyword analysis and research in the last five and a half years has become increasingly difficult. However, this is a pivotal way to find secret opportunities, increase the traffic to your site and show you that brilliant new content you create is important. 

While these tools are great, they can only provide you with information. That's how you interpret the data, and it will influence what you do with it. 

Free – Ubersuggest 

To create a detailed list of keywords, a free Keywords suggestion tool that uses a range of different services. 

Freemium – Term Explorer 

With the claim that it has any keyword research tool's biggest data set, it enables you to expand keyword lists, collect search volumes and understand your competitiveness data. 

Paid – SEMrush 

SEMrush offers far more information and data using a paid software version, although it is technically a tool for Freemium. This gives you the opportunity to see your competitors' keywords, and also the value of the keyword for the landing page for each keyword (if you are interested in PPC). 

2. Ranking Tools 

It is also incredibly important to know where your website currently stands. This enables you to track which online marketing strategies work best, enables you to focus your efforts similarly across campaigns, maximize profit and see your traffic skyrocketing on the roof. These tools allow you to do this monotonous page by page with search results, without hours and hours. 

Free Tool - Google Search Console 

Google's own set of useful tools to help users monitor their website's performance. Using the tab "Search Traffic," followed by the tab "Search Analytics," you will find a list of keywords for which you are now listed. Sort by position and target the keywords on page 2 of the search results, you should see the keywords creeping on page 

Free Tool - SERPStream 

SERPStream is a professional Rank Tracker tool to keep track of your search engine results. It’s a free SEO tool that also monitors the position of your website’s keywords with frequent updates throughout the day and email alerts.

Freemium – SEMrush 

As a SEMrush model, you have limited access to the data, but filtering enables you to uncover a little more data. In short, it allows you to track any domain or keywords from any location, discover local competitions and target various devices as well. 

Paid – Authority Labs 

Because of its ability to track and graph keywords on your site, Authority Labs is a very handy tool. By checking your keywords daily, you turn the findings into a weekly report. 

Paid - Nightwatch 

This sophisticated all-in-one SEO performance features advanced tracking and segmentation of keywords and backlinks, as well as the ability to discover ranking keywords. Great for those focused on scaling up their internet businesses.

3. Content Ideas 

As Duane Forrester said, "All SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind" and highlighting the impact of good content on your website. It is incredibly difficult to get up with fresh and unique ideas day by day, but it is necessary for your website to be relevant and engaging to your audience. Hopefully, the tools below will allow you to find new ideas and optimize existing content. You can explore more at recommended website ADELSEO.

Free – Outdated Content Finder 

The Greenlane Search Marketing guys created a particularly useful tool for content ideas. Use the search term for which you would like to rank, or the general content theme. Put the parameters for the date and read some old contents. See if you can jazz it up and put it in contemporary times, then contact the webmaster and see if the latest version would be interested in posting. 

Freemium – Yoast WordPress Plugin 

This is an awesome WordPress plugin for "SEO Friendly" content on your website. It works on a traffic light basis and basically controls your content with a few simple clicks and keyword prompts. 

Paid – Buzzsumo 

Buzzsumo is a very good tool, quite simply. It has an incredibly easy to use interface and enables you to quickly detect and highlight what content works well on a certain topic. 

4. Link Building Tools 

Although Google says that we should not build "links," links still remain one of the biggest factors of today's ranking. Admittedly, methods of linking have been incredibly manipulative in the past, but in our opinion, link-building is only beneficial for everyone to write content on other sites. If the content is strong enough, you get some beautiful new content for your site, the other becomes more aware of your website or a little more authority on a subject. 

Free - LinkMiner Plugin 

For Broken Link Building tactics, a link miner is a perfect tool. The usage and understanding are quick and easy. 

Freemium – Moz SEO Toolbar & Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extensions 

It is a necessary tool to check if a site is up to scratch. Both of them do a very similar job and show important SEO information on the website you are on. We use both together, as they look at a slightly different indicating, as you get a better overall feel for the site. Majestic is key for analyzing trust flow (TF) metrics for link reputability. This plays a key role in analyzing link spam and backlink authority. 

Paid - Ahrefs Site Explorer 

This is a source of broken, and lost information for up-to-date information. It is not only quick to crack, but also the only tool to crawl the JavaScript sources. Because of a range of handy features, backlink analyzes are made dead by Site Explorer. A time frame can be set, data by type, platform and language filtered, anchor text analyzed and backlinks collected or lost even tracked right from your Ahrefs Alerts inbox. 

5. Link Removal Tools 

Hopefully, Link Removal is something you never have to go through. Sadly, the sites that have a penalty from Google Penguin Algorithm suffer from it. It may take an incredible amount of time, but it can ultimately re-enhance your site and provide it with a new lease of life. Disavow Links Removal can also be used even if there is no penalty. You may have purchased links in the past, or have your content posted on multiple sites, but these links can still have an impact on you. The removal cannot hurt you at all and keeps you with Google in the good book. 

Free – Disavow Tool 

It basically shows Google's websites that you don't want to link to your website. Just so simple for disavowing spammy backlinks. 

Paid – CognitiveSEO 

Cognitive is a tool monster which helps you to detect rankings, competitor research, backlink analyze, content audit, mostly unnatural links and remove links. It's a fantastic tool with a preview tool, so before you decide whether to add to a file disavow or leave the sites as a link, you can check the sites. Then CognitiveSEO creates a disavow file to you that can be downloaded to Google immediately. 

6. Technical SEO Tools 

Being able to dig around on your sites' back- end, you can learn how it works and all its problems is a vital stage towards optimization. The following tools should help you reach this mythical place. 

Free - WooRank Plugin 

We have to do a bit of cheating with this, as it's a freemium product technically. However, we found that it offers sufficient information as a free incarnation and it is useful. It scrapes your website and tells you about inefficiencies and even provides you with checklists. A superb tool to get a site and competitors' overview. 

Freemium – Screaming Frog 

It is great when a site is scraped, similar to a search engine. It runs overall links and website pages offering status data, page titles, meta descriptions, robots meta data and places them all in a filterable table. 

Paid - DeepCrawl 

However, it's much easier to use if you're new to technical SEO. Deepcrawl offers services similar to the above tool. The ability to identify content, highlight missing titles, duplicate pages, the length of the content, and much more in its caps is another feature. 

What Are Your Favorite Types Of SEO Tools?

There are also other top tools like NightWatch, ChatGPT, and Zutrix to help with your blog or website search engine optimization. Let us know if you consider different categories of SEO tools or services that are better than the one we suggest. Tweet us @MikeSchiemer #BootstrapBusiness with your favorite SEO tools for growing on Google, while making sure to share this blog post link!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top SEO tools to help your search engine optimization strategy on Google to level up PageRank.

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