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When it comes to SEO, we all know that link building techniques are one of the oldest and most effective SEO tactics. If you are someone who is willing to grow the organic search traffic you have to make sure that you utilize quality link building techniques so that you can earn quality links. Links have always played a crucial role in determining how trustworthy a website is from the start. 

The simple logic is that the more links a website has pointing to, the more credibility it would hold. This way it would also rank much higher in the search results. Recently, Google has also made some major updates that have been designed specifically to track these suspicious link building. It is practically impossible to beg, borrow or steal any links for link building purpose. 

If you are willing to invest time in building quality backlinks for your website, you will come across some of the fool-proof smart ways to do so. Before getting started on any of that let us first understand the importance of backlink quality. 

Why Does The Backlink Quality Matter? 

Links have always been an important factor of how search engines like Google rank the websites in their results and what makes them appear on the top. Search engines view each backlink that is ultimately linked to your website and decide the worth of your website. This is why the more links you have pointing to your website the more trustworthy or credible your website will appear. 

There are various strategies which will help you to establish a solid number of this type of links. Here are six strategies so that it is easily possible to build a backlink profile that will easily help you to improve your rankings in a way that lasting impact on your search visibility. 

1. Guest Posts 

The guest posting includes contributing free content on a third party blogging website to get a link back to your own site. These links can be placed somewhere in the content itself or it can be placed in the author bio section. This is a simple yet popular link building method which will significantly help to improve your SEO. This is method is highly preferred as it is a win-win situation for both the parties. 

One website gets free content to share with the audience while the other earns a high-quality link. Some websites have also taken advantage of this tactic by using poorly-written or unhelpful content just to get a backlink. These low-quality contents ultimately leave a bad impression on the reader's mind which will directly affect the traffic of your website. 

This is the reason why Google has issued warnings against such low quality or spam posts. However, high-quality relevant guest posts have a completely different value from these ordinary low-quality posts. These posts are really engaging which compel the users to actually have a look at the website that has published this content. 

It is important to identify the correct type of website which can publish your source of the Guest post in a way so that it reaches to a relevant audience. 

2. Public Relations 

Public relations- in simple words means to use the same methods to get backlinks that might be used to reach to press. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is by getting cited as a source in a news article or other online content. Talking about old times the only way to so this was by working with a journalist and if they are interested in what you have to say about your brand they will cite you as a source. 

Bloggers and journalists are always looking for new information so whenever your business accomplishes something significant make sure that you bring the press’s attention to the same. Although this does not guarantee press coverage it will increase the chances of your business being linked to the articles that are easily accessible and relevant to your business. 

One important thing to know is that even if your brand or business gets mentioned as a search result of a press release. There is no guarantee that people who have mentioned you will provide a backlink. It might happen that in most instances they might just mention your brand. 

In such a case you can also ask the editor to add a link that redirects the user to your website. 

3. Broken Link Building 

Broken links are those links that eventually ‘break’ when content is moved around or when a certain page no longer exists. During the process of link building when teaching link originally links to another page online, this is why when the link is broken the user will automatically arrive on a 404 error page telling them that they are looking for a page that no longer exists. 

When this strategy is approached correctly, it is an effective way to get the same results you would see from guest posts. Instead of creating brand new content you can use the existing content to earn a link. Make sure that you already have content that meets the targeted site’s needs. 

For an instance, if you are already sure of the targeted site you want to post your content on, make sure that you create content that follows the guidelines of the website and also meets the standards as this is the key to build quality backlinks. 

4. Skyscraper Content 

Skyscraper content is bettering the quality of content that is already properly written and has relevancy. This concept was basically popularized by Brian Dean of Backlinks and is a great way to come with even better content ideas for your website. 

The best way to create skyscraper content is by examining what point are missing from your content. You should have a look at which questions go unanswered or what type of instructions are not clear or are hard to follow. The content should also be able to serve every query of the users. Even though it is toughest to quantify for the quality of the content make sure that you answer all the relevant questions in the content. 

5. Compile A Resource 

If you really want to improve your local SEO ranking you need to build your site and create backlinks to the blog posts and contents on your website. However, it is very difficult to provide 100% original content as there are thousands of articles on the internet that all revolve around the same topic. You can create interesting and engaging content by compiling research and other information that is relevant to your industry. 

Basically, the goal here is to create something of value and make sure that it covers all the aspect of that particular topic. 

6. Find Competitor’s Backlinks 

It is very likely that if a site links to your competitor it will also lead to you. There are various ways you can figure out which sites link to specific competitors domains. Once you have identified them you can use these links as a backlink for your own website. You can also use tools that will help you to identify the ranking keywords and what websites are having high Google ranking based on that particular keyword. This will help you to identify what has helped the competitor’s to attain that level of success and ranking. 

Wrapping It Up 

Link building is for sure the most effective SEO technique that helps in attracting quality organic traffic. Make sure that you are well updated with the new and upcoming content marketing techniques to stay in the competition. Make sure you know how to implement advanced links that tie each other’s domain to link them to the right site. 

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