Importance of Domain Authority with Backlink Building

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Domain authority is usually the most discussed factor of backlink building. Every backlink builder's life revolves around domain and page authority. Most SEO beginners don't understand why it's so hard for most new websites to get good domain authority numbers. If you are still confused about the algorithm behind this domain authority numbers game, then this article will help you out in using domain authority for your benefit. 

Relevance, Authority, Transfer 

Relevance, Authority, Transfer or the RAT list is the first thing which you should check before building links for SEO. Here are some quick descriptions:

Relevance:  Your link should be relevant to the website or the category in which you are publishing it. Every factor of the website or category should relate to the link’s theme. 

Authority:  This is the main topic of the article and will be discussed briefly in the later part of this article. 

Transfer:  Make sure to put a link which is follow-able (DoFollow) or it transfers from page to page. It deals with the page rank a lot with regards to backlink juice

Domain Authority Takes Time 

A website can only build good domain authority (DA) after a particular time. If you want to develop the DA of your website, you have to link it with other authority websites and have to keep those links a longer period so Google spiders can crawl it again and again. This is best for any website to gain maximum domain authority in the shortest period of time. When your website goes live, it is important to start the linking acquisitions. It usually takes several months before they begin to pay off.

The process of building domain authority by backlink building is a long process, but you can lose all of your linkbuild DA in just a blink. Stay away from spamming websites with your link in the comments etc or utilizing spam websites to display your links. Spamming can cause you to lose a large amount of domain authority, and Google can even penalize you by moving your websites way down in the SERP. Then it is a long arduous road to get back to favorable rankings of Google SERP

Every Domain Has Authority 

Even if your website is years old, when you add a new page to it, it will start building its own DA or DR from the first day it got published. However, its DA will still depend on the numbers of backlinks it gets from the third party. You have to keep this factor in mind if you are on the verge of launching a new marketing campaign for your website. 

If you want your new page to get listed on the Google SERP or get immediate DA, you may need to utilize PPC or other paid campaigns because organic traffic will be low in the beginning. Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing will definitely help your website gain initial traction and valuable traffic.

How To Gain Authority

If you want to reduce the time of increasing authority, then you have to receive external links from authorities. If you get a link from a good authority website, it will have a positive effect on your website. While back linking, it is important that the link should be transferable and relevant to the category. However, the difference concerning authority doesn’t make any effect on the overall DA of the website. It is better to take links from the websites of higher authorities, but low DA websites can also help out (especially in the beginning). 

Final Words

I would recommend that you make the domain authority a primary concern while you are in the process of backlink building. Your success and failure can depend on your website domain authority and the better the DA of your website, the better it will be ranked on Google SERP. Better ranking = bigger profits!

I hope you enjoyed this article about improving your business SEO via increasing domain authority with backlink building.

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