10 New Top Biotech Startups In The US

10 top biotech startups united states best life science startup to watch us

Global healthcare spending is expected to grow significantly in the next several years. Projected spending on healthcare and biotech is over $10 trillion by 2022 or 2023 according to Deloitte.  

Startup companies in the life sciences and biotech focus on developing innovative drugs in the treatment of diseases. They also at times work on promising powerful dietary supplements that can enhance human and animal performance or health.

There are many life science startups and established businesses out there doing big things. But these top 10 are the startups to watch in the biotech and life sciences industries in the United States.

Biotech Transformative Technologies

There are many new technologies transforming the biotech and life sciences industries today. Cutting-edge startup companies are looking at value-adds for many technologies. Some of these disruptive new technologies include:


Blockchain works by aggregating data and sharing it through automation. The focus is on ease of use and keeping the data error-free.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Applying intelligent use of data through AI is new to the life sciences. AI is revolutionizing patient diagnoses and monitoring. Treatment planning and drug discovery are also benefiting from AI. 

Virtual Care & DIY Diagnostics

In rural areas, virtual care offers convenience. Patients receive care through Internet-connected doctors via computer. This eliminates unnecessary healthcare visits in areas far from hospitals and doctors' offices.

Virtual care also provides access to monitoring and health coaches on a 24/7 basis. 

Internet of Medical Things

Most modern medical devices connect to computer systems and software. These medtech IoT changes the treatment and monitoring of patients. Connecting all devices transforms patient diagnosis due to increased sensors.

Mobile Data

As connected, autonomous vehicles expand, expect increased access to care as well as clinical trials.

So now that we know the new technology transforming biotech and life science, here are the top 10 biotech startups to watch out for in the United States.

Top 10 Biotech Startups To Watch In The US

The current biotech and life science startups make a huge impact on the overall healthcare industry. These companies focus on cutting-edge tech such as nanotechnology. 

These companies all have current clinical trials. They're leading the way in drug development, vaccine development, and cancer treatment. Continued new technologies advance the healthcare cause every day. 

Keep on eye on these startup companies in as they flourish. 

1. Allogene Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA

Allogene Therapeutics had a $300-million dollar series A venture round. It closed in April of 2018. This included investment from Gilead Sciences and Pfizer. 

The company focuses on cancer-fighting immunotherapy using specially altered T-cells. T-cells from the patient's blood undergo modification, producing chimeric antigen receptors. 

Thus, the therapy is called CAR-T. Allogene develops CAR-T products. The company had an impressive IPO raising $325 million dollars. 

2. Gossamer Bio, San Diego, CA

Series A financing of $100 million dollars launched this company in January of 2018. Gossamer has two products in Phase I clinical trials as well as two products in Phase II trials. 

The focus is on fibrosis and immunology as well as immuno-oncology and inflammation. 

3. Viela Bio, Gaithersburg, MD

Viela Bio closed Series A financing of $282 million dollars in February of 2018. This company develops treatments for severe inflammation and autoimmune diseases. They focus on shared critical pathways of the diseases. 

This company is a spin-off company from Medimmue. 

4. SpringWorks Therapeutics, New York, NY

Investors in SpringWorks include OrbiMed, Pfizer, and Bain Capital. They launched in 2017 with a $103-million dollar series A round. 

SpringWorks partners with many companies. Boston Children's Hospital is one such company. Others include Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation and the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation.

The company has an advanced drug candidate called nirogacestat. The drug treats neurofibromatosis type 1. The drug has orphan status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

5. NanOlogy, Fort Worth, TX

NanOlogy launched in 2017 with $2 million dollars in seed funding. As the name implies, this company works with nanoparticles. They're developing nanoparticle forms for delivery of therapeutics in the treatment of cancer. 

Phase I clinical trials for several types of cancer are ongoing. The trials include treatment of pancreatic and prostate cancer. This startup company is also running Phase I trials for pancreatic mucinous cysts. 

6. Ambys Medicines, Redwood City, CA

This company's launch had $60 million dollars in Series A financing. The funding came from Takeda and Third Rock Ventures. Takeda will fund another $80 million dollars for research. 

The focus of this start-up is the treatment of chronic liver disease. They're working on gene therapies and cell therapies as well as drug therapies.

7. Cullinan Oncology, Cambridge, MA

Cullinan started with Series A financing of $150 million dollars in October of 2017. The company partnered with MAB Discovery GmbH in 2018. 

This startup company works on developing about 10 drugs at a time. The scientists share resources company-wide. But each drug has its own chief executive overseeing development. 

8. The Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute, Cambridge, MA

The Medical Research Institute (MRI) is the biotech arm of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation funds the MRI with a budget of $100 million per year. They launched in 2018.

The MRI focuses on vaccines. The efficacy of the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis is the main project.

9. Skyhawk Therapeutics, Waltham, MA

This Waltham, MA startup company launched in June of 2018.

This biotechnology startup closed an equity investment of $40 million dollars and a collaborative agreement with Celgene. The collaborative agreement meant another $60 million dollars up front for the start-up. 

This biotech company focuses on exon skipping. They target oncology and neurology. 

10. Ansun Biopharma, San Diego, CA

Ansun Biopharma launched in 2018. They closed a Series A financing of $85 million dollars. Their investors are Sinopharm Healthcare Fund and Lilly Asia Ventures. Six new investors have since joined. 

This top biotech startup focuses primarily on treating influenza and have two drugs in Phase II clinical trials. 

Follow These Top Biotech Startups to Watch In Biotechnology and Life Sciences

These top biotech and life science companies are the startups to watch. They're leading the way in high-quality drug innovation. Expect superior diagnoses and treatment of diseases to come from these companies in the coming years. 

Treatments such as nanotechnology were once merely the purview of science fiction. These leading biotech life science startups transform fantasy into medical reality. 

These superior biotech startup companies are using cutting-edge technologies like AI and block chain to change the future of medicine.

Top Biotech Startup Companies Conclusion

Keep your eye on these growing biotech and life science startups as they take over their respective industries! Get in on the ground floor while you can with these top US biotech startup companies as investors or employees.

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