The Benefits Of Professional Blogger Outreach And Paid Blogging For SEO

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Business blogging and content marketing are critical aspects of digital marketing strategy that shouldn't be undervalued. Having a business blog with new high-quality content posted and shared consistently can pay off in the short term and long term in a variety of ways. It could end up being the difference in millions of website views and hundreds of customers! But it can be very time-consuming for businesses and not most companies don't have experienced writers on staff that are skilled in SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. The best business bloggers need to be able to write for people and search engines! 

That's where helpful blogger outreach providers can play an important role. You can work with excellent SEO or content marketing agencies that have access to hundreds of the best bloggers in all niches to write high-quality content for your company. This saves your business significant time and money that you can instead put into focusing on your company's core competencies.   

Think about it, do you really want your CFO working on blog posts every day instead of planning your company budget? Would it make sense to have your CEO writing weekly articles for your blog instead of managing teams and brokering million dollar deals? I think we would all agree that these scenarios would be costly business mistakes. That's why business blogging, at least for the most part, should usually be outsourced to professionals.

Conversely, if you are a talented and experienced professional blogger or writer, there are multiple opportunities for paid blogging jobs out there. It can be very rewarding to show off your writing skills while helping businesses to grow and making a good living in the process. 

As someone who has successfully worked for years as both a professional blogger and a blogger outreach coordinator, I have some expertise on these subjects that I'd like to share with you.

Crucial Content Marketing: Business Blogging

As I mentioned briefly earlier, business blogging is essential to your company's online and offline success. First of all, having a comprehensive and updated business blog reflects very positively on your company. It shows that you are passionate about your industry and want to help your website visitors. Secondly, your insightful blog posts help to convert website visitors into qualified leads or paying customers. Third, blog posts provide excellent content to share and discuss on your company social media pages. And finally, the more business blogging you do means improved SEO which will drive increased organic Google traffic to your entire website for years to come. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Blogger Outreach Services Are Invaluable

Business blogging is an excellent strategy, but it can take up an incredible amount of time and resources. A single well-researched, written, edited, and optimized blog post can take several hours (or even days) for a skilled writer that is knowledgeable about your industry. That means you are either making a full-time employee dedicate half of their workload to your business blog (taking away the time and energy needed for other pressing aspects of your business) or you're keeping a full-time content producer on the payroll for $50,000 in annual salary. These are incredibly high prices to pay for content when you can outsource to expert bloggers used to writing for website visitor conversions and Google search results. 

Find Paid Blogging Jobs

While companies are looking for consistent and creative content that converts visitors, there are plenty of talented and experienced bloggers out there in every niche looking for additional work. It can be challenging to find consistent work as a blogger. Steady sources of income can be difficult for even skilled writers, especially in the beginning. Paid blogging opportunities through professional blogger outreach agencies can help to give you the stable income you need while you build your business, portfolio, and expertise. It's a great supplement to your existing blogging business and a valuable work experience possibility that you should take advantage of.  

How To Generate More Paid Blogging Work

There are plenty of ways to generate additional interest in your paid blogging service. Social media is an excellent way to generate leads. Consistently share the link to your sponsored post availability on Twitter often. Use hashtags like "GuestBlogger #GuestBlog #GuestPost #BloggersWanted #BloggersRequired #GuestBlogging and other related hashtags. A lot of people have found my availability via Twitter. 

Email, tweet, or message SEO agencies and outreach associates about your availability to offer sponsored blog posts. Be flexible with your pricing. $50 is a good price for companies, but for contractors, freelancers and middlemen their budgets are much less. You might have to lower your price for some prospects but your volume could increase. It's a trade-off but I try not to exclude people if their budget is low. Include several external links in each of your posts. The competitors to the links you include often reach out to you hoping to get links or sponsored post opportunities as well.

SEO itself is also a great way to generate customers for your blogger outreach services or to generate paid work opportunities for blogging. Create a page or landing page for your blogger outreach and make sure it is rich in keywords and optimized for Google. Write related posts on the topic of blogger outreach and content marketing for SEO and internally link to your main page. Google will be a large source of referrals and customers for your services.

Get Blogging For Business!

Content is still king and it needs to be produced consistently and effectively by professionals. Whether you are a business or agency in need of blogger outreach services, or an experienced blogger looking to earn some extra money, it's a smart idea to get involved. Now it's time for your business to get blogging since you've read our blogger outreach guide! See on in the cloud!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of professional blogger outreach and paid blogging for SEO.

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