How To Build a Startup with Blogger Outreach

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Blogger outreach is the new and effective way to do public relations in the world of internet marketing. Although emails and phone calls are still effective, getting help from an influencer to promote your brand online is a great way to generate new leads and customers for your business. But what exactly is blogger outreach and how do you start? Here are some tips and strategies that you can use to get the ball rolling. Lets start by discussing what blogger outreach is. 

What Is Blogger Outreach? 

This strategy uses the help of influencers or bloggers to promote your products or services. You can leverage the existing traffic and readers that authority bloggers have and reach a wider audience fast by reaching out to them and publishing content about your business or products. This also means more people reading, sharing information on and talking about your brand on social media. Blogger outreach is also a very effective SEO strategy as well, as Google favors websites that high authority bloggers are blogging about and linking to. 

It's like hitting three birds with one stone, getting a blogger to be your brand ambassador and leveraging their existing traffic, letting the online community do its job, and telling Google that your website is worth linking to which will help you rank high in the search engine rankings. 

Know Your Audience 

It all starts with you knowing your target market. You must be familiar with your target demographic, how your intended audience thinks, what they like about a product, how they use it and how it benefits them. Knowing these things are key points in looking for the right influencers to promote your brand to. 

Do Your Research 

Now that you are sure as to whom your target audience is, it's time to do your research and look for authority bloggers to promote you. You should start by looking for influencers in your niche. 

Here are some scavenger hunt tips to get you started: 

Scavenger Hunt #1 – Searching For Blogs On Google 

You must know what a certain blogger writes about so that you can easily align your brand with their promotions. Searching Google using keywords related to your niche followed by + “write for us” can pull up a lot of results for bloggers and influencers who already accept guest posts. Here’s a few simple search footprints to get you started: 

Keyword/Competitor + “write for us” 
Keyword/Competitor + “write for me”
Keyword/Competitor + “become a contributor”
Keyword/Competitor + “contribute to this site”
Keyword/Competitor + inurl:category/guest 
Keyword/Competitor + inurl:contributors 

Tools like BuzzStream and BuzzSumo can help you to collect contact information from the target websites and you can also use it to send and manage emails to and from bloggers to pitch your post ideas to them. 

Scavenger Hunt #2 - Following Hash Tags On Twitter 

Following hash tags on social networking sites can also help you get into pages, blogs or people that can help promote your brand. You can also use tools like FollowerWonk to find the biggest influencers in your niche and sort by how many followers they have and various other metrics. 

Scavenger Hunt #3 – Look For Facebook And Instagram Influencers 

Check out people on Facebook or Instagram that have thousands of likes on their posts and followers. 

If you do not have time for scavenger hunt and you have a budget, you can always find a freelancer or a real blogger outreach service to help you with this task. 

How To Get Your Influencers To Promote You 

So, say you’ve already found your list of influencers. Now how do you make them promote you? Well, if you have a reasonable marketing budget, and if they agree to it, you could just pay for them to promote your brand. However, most start-ups and small businesses only have a limited marketing budget, so this usually isn’t really an option. That’s why you might prefer to work on your relationship building skills

Building Relationships With Bloggers 

1. Let Them Know You Are Interested 

Once you find a few bloggers in your niche that have an audience for your products, start by letting them know that you are interested in what they do. Don't try to hit on them the first time you make contact, because you will look like a marketer in the middle of the mall handing out brochures about some magical wristbands that can give you luck and selling stuff that you do not need. People are hard-wired to reject that kind of stuff, and let’s face it, any blogger worth contacting will get pitched on a daily basis. Just like making relationships with people, you have to take it slow. Try to get to know them first, what they like and do not like (about content and posts I mean). 

2. Get To Know Them Better 

Does this blogger get in contact through messenger most of the time, in comment boxes, or personal emails? How do they promote other people's brands if they are promoting? How do they react to comments and posts? By knowing these, you can better position yourself, and get at a better hand in winning them over. 

3. Try Offering Something For Free 

Once you built that relationship, you can offer something to them. Examples would be checking if their blog has errors on it or suggesting other stuff that can improve their site. You can also offer free lunch or free coffee get together among the other influencers you contacted. This can be a new experience for them too. Or it could be something as simple as tweeting the post after you have written it if you have a decent social following. 

The Bottom Line On Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach can be demanding but knowing where to start and what to do can make this task much easier. If you really don't have the time to manage a full-scale blogger outreach campaign for your business, try Linkredible. They have a high-quality service which reaches out to real bloggers having tested them personally. They aren't just a fake blogger outreach service like many others out there who just publish content on their own blog network. They’re the real deal for blogger outreach and backlinks building. 

Happy outreaching SEOs!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how you can better build your lean startup with professional blogger outreach services.

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