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As you may know, I'm a bit of a social media evangelist. I have been using social media in business since MySpace in 2003 and AOL Instant Messenger, chat rooms, forums, message boards, blogs, and email since 1998 prior to that to sell products and services. I know what it takes to sell on social regardless of what platforms are popular. Over the last decade social media marketing has really come into its own and I continue to expand my digital presence in a field that usually evolves weekly. 

As a veteran social media influencer and micro-influencer, I hope you will join me in expanding the reach (and profits) of your business with social media marketing.

I cordially invite you to connect with me on all of these social media platforms @MikeSchiemer #BootstrapBusiness or on these specific platforms:

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Keep in mind these are just my main accounts. I also have separate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and social media pages for many of my various products, brands, and services. 

I also manage several communities including several Facebook and LinkedIn Groups that I've built from scratch. 

Of course I also manage a plethora of other social media accounts for my employers, sponsors, and business partners. 

I don't currently utilize Vine or Periscope for business very often. I'm on WhatsApp but not very active at the moment. 

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I hope you enjoyed this brief trip down social media memory lane and that you'll connect with me on most of these useful social media platforms. 

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