How To Start A Lego Reselling Business

how to start a lego reselling business flip legos

Toy companies like Lego are some of the most lucrative in the industry and are much more than just kids' toys that hurt when you step on them. Many people are buying and reselling Lego to make great investments as the purchase and sale of Lego sets can turn into a very lucrative business. The company only produces and sells limited sets over a short period. If you missed out on buying these sets and are anxious to add them to your collection, you might go to resellers who can ask for high prices. 

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It is time you leveraged Lego reselling! These guidelines will help you get started on your Lego reselling business and profit from the fun that Lego offers. 

1. You Should Research Which Sets You Should Buy 

Before investing, make sure you do your research. Just as with any other endeavor, you must be armed with all the necessary information. Some genres and sets sell better than others, so it’s important to understand the market. As Lego continues to develop new sets, you won’t know when a particular set will be discontinued or when a special edition will be released. If you want to keep up with the latest Lego news, regularly visit sites dedicated to buying and reselling sets. In addition, keep in mind that Lego is under no obligation to discontinue any of their sets, so conducting research first before investing in Lego is something you’ll benefit from. 

2. Prepare A Plan For Storing The Sets 

Collectors need to keep their collections in pristine condition. If you plan to resell a set, you should make sure that the box remains unopened and stored out of reach of people who might be tempted to open and play it. Collectors and investors who are particularly serious about their collections may even keep them in temperature-controlled areas. In this way, they can keep their collections in the best condition possible and keep them closed and away from disturbances. 

3. Identify Your Niche 

There are several different Lego themes, as well as subthemes of particular sealed sets. You may prefer to sell specific miniature figurines, such as the Harry Potter miniature figurines. Choose a niche that piques your interest and learn as much as you can about the niche you choose. Discover this niche's history, popularity, and expected return on investment. If it's your first-time reselling Lego, working in a niche you enjoy builds confidence. 

Your client will trust you if you approach them with confidence and become their go-to source for Lego sets and pieces. There’s a wide range of topics you could choose from, from Harry Potter to Batman. You’ll be sure to find a niche with many dedicated fans. 

flipping legos for profit

4. Set Your Goal 

An imperative aspect of starting any business is setting a goal. If you want to expand your Lego reselling business quickly, you may prefer flipping faster and selling smaller sets. The first step in crafting your strategy is to determine your target audience and the theme of sets you want to buy. Decide what goals will motivate you and help you improve your selling capabilities. You should also determine which sites you will target when selling the sets. 

Sites that resell Legos and bricks tend to have more potential clients than others since they’re known for reselling Legos and bricks. Make sure you do your homework and investigate the platform with the highest potential to profit from before setting up an account. 

5. Buying And Selling Complete Sets 

The Lego sets you buy don’t necessarily have to be second-hand or from other people. You can buy incomplete Lego sets and re-arrange them yourself by color or theme. 

Complete sets usually fetch more money and you will get customers easily as most first-time Lego collectors prefer to purchase full sets. A complete Lego set includes all of its original parts, its box, instructions, parts bag, sticker sheets, and mini figurines. 

Additionally, the size of the set affects its value, as the bigger the set, the more cash it brings in. Most buyers are attracted to a set based on a franchise or theme, especially those with a nostalgia tinge. Lego sets with superhero or fantasy themes tend to have a more passionate following than those with generic themes. 

There can be a direct connection between the production and circulation of some sets and the set's rarity. It’s also important to consider the condition, quality, and cleanliness as well as how much the complete sets weigh because it can influence its price. So, make sure to continuously maintain the set you intend to sell. 


People can make money by selling things they’re passionate about, and reselling Lego is a lucrative business for people who love the toy. Ensure you’re knowledgeable about the market and understand your target audience by doing your research. 

Setting a goal and a business model is also very important. It’s also imperative to understand the niche to gain confidence, especially if this is your first-time reselling Legos. Either way, don’t forget to have fun with the entire experience and know that it always takes some time before businesses can start bringing in the money. Have faith in your vision and enjoy, after all, Lego’s is lucrative because of the joy it brings to so many people.

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