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Do you manage your own social media marketing or the social selling strategy for another company? Are you hoping to launch a successful social media campaign in 2024? Is your company unsure about how to capitalize on the increasingly complex and competitive but crucial social media market?

The process can be pretty overwhelming, especially with newer platforms like TikTok and Threads. Between producing content on a multitude of social media platforms, publishing at the right times, interacting with followers, and more, it can seem like a full-time job in itself. Aren’t there some social selling tools to make it easier? Absolutely—but now the question is, which mobile apps, websites and software programs do what for marketers in 2024? 

Some social media tools in 2024 are channel-specific, and others can help you manage multiple accounts from one platform (don’t you think it would be convenient to be able to tweet and respond to Facebook comments all in the same place?). Because executing a social media campaign is not an overnight process, the order in which you take your steps matters, too; and some online tools are best for helping you with particular milestones. Here are some of the best social media tools to help you build and manage your business in 2024 and 2025:  

Top 20 Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2024-2025

1. Fotor

Fotor is the top online graphic design maker for all of your business needs. At Fotor, you can create any image you want with just a few clicks! Enjoy photo editing, photo effects, hundreds of fonts, countless pretty stickers, portrait retouching, and many other user-friendly design tools. Fotor's design feature offer a broad range of designer-made templates, making it easy for anyone to create high quality, compelling visuals, such as social media graphics, blog images, flyers, banners, ads, and more in just minutes to help your productivity in 2024.

2. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is known as one of the top social scheduling tools, but it also offers social listening capabilities. If you are a fledgling brand, you might not have the budget for intricate social media management resources that charge monthly fees or a more limited free plan. Social listening is when you monitor the Internet for mentions of specific keywords. It could be your brand, your products, your industry, or other related topics—keeping your ear to the ground enables you to understand what people are saying about particular subjects. 

The reason behind starting with social listening is because doing so can help you with finding a niche audience. The first step of any social media campaign: decide who you are going to appeal to. Sports fans? College students? Designers? You do not want to spread yourself too thin in an attempt to appeal to everyone, so obtaining insight into how people feel about what product or service you wish to provide is invaluable. Hootsuite social media management has been around for a long time but it still is a top option in 2024.

3. SocialPilot

Managing multiple social accounts with the help of your team is not an easy task in 2023. You must ensure that everyone is on the same page, the posts have been checked properly, and you haven’t missed any content opportunity. SocialPilot brings your entire social content approval process to one dashboard. This way you can set access levels and roles for each member and nothing goes out without getting approved. 

In case you are handling social for clients, SocialPilot helps you connect their accounts (without credentials) and include them in the content approval process. What’s more, you can also share access of Social Inbox and respond to comments, messages, and posts on all Facebook Pages quickly in 2024 to help you master Meta marketing.

4. Sprout Social 

Having an audience is not enough on social media platforms like TikTok and Threads. If you want them to stick around on multiple social media platforms, you need to understand them (plus, the people who follow you on Instagram might follow you for different reasons than those on Pinterest or LinkedIn). With Sprout Social’s comprehensive management tools, you can get in-depth insight into who your audience is (including where they come from, demographics, online behaviors, etc.) and why they do or do not like the content that you post. 

When you have a better understanding of how your social media campaign is performing, you can adjust it to make it more effective. Sprout Social also gives you information regarding how far specific posts reach and what kind of engagement you are getting on each channel. Executing a social media campaign without proper updates could result in wasted time, money, and effort, so don’t do it without support. In addition, Sprout Social offers social listening features so you can monitor the internet for mentions of your brand when your online presence has expanded. 

5. Crowdfire  

Crowdfire, previously known as Justunfollow, is a top SMM tool that allows you to see who is engaging with your brand so that you can follow just the right people. The social selling strategy app allows you to see data such as: 

- who you follow who do not follow you back. 
- who follows you despite you not following them. 
- who recently followed you. 
- who recently unfollowed you. 

You can also use a search function in the app to see whether an individual account follows you and copy follower lists from other accounts that are relevant to your brand, such as the personal Instagram account of someone who works for your company. You can also create whitelists and blacklists so that you know who should and should not be followed by your brand in the future. 

6. Nimble 

If your business is big on social media, then Nimble is a great way to integrate with your clients’ social media profiles outside of social media. It gleans data from their social profiles and syncs with them meaning that you don’t have to update. In fact, there’s virtually no need for any sort of data entry with Nimble. It even integrates with Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Outlook and Hootsuite. The more you use it, the more it learns about you and prioritizes your relationships. Nimble is definitely a top social media marketing tool for 2023 modern marketers.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform with a very comprehensive set of bells and whistles. But it also has focus on social media with features like bulk social media posting (with shortened links "hubs. ly/"). Its reporting capabilities are more intuitive than many other analytics tools, with metrics and data that are easy to track. It is both a flexible and organized solution for engaging with customers and tracking each aspect of your sales pipeline.

8. Buffer

It is important that you provide the same message across all elements of the marketing mix. However, sometimes this can be hard with so many social media accounts. Therefore, Buffer allows you to juggle all your platforms by posting to multiple sites at the most optimum time. You can either schedule posts manually, or use Buffer’s powerful algorithms to determine the best time for social media traffic.

9. Squarelovin 

This free desktop tool lets you easily see which of your posts perform best, which get the most likes and comments, the best times for you to post and the best filters for your content. You can also learn more about who your audience is in terms of demographics and when you tend to gain or lose followers. Information can be viewed for the account as a whole or for specific posts. 

10. Everyone Social

Everyone in your company should be a brand ambassador. You should be using a top-down approach to harness your culture and be sure that it is spread to your customers on social media. Therefore, Everyone Social allows everyone in your company to share the same message. Through the app, you can get your company’s content to everyone in your organization so that they can share it on their own personal social media marketer accounts.

11. VSCO 

VSCO (short for Visual Supply Co.) offers filters that are markedly different from the default ones you'll find on Instagram. You can also get access to advanced image tools that probably go way beyond those that came native on your phone. Using these, you can define an aesthetic that allows you to stand out from the heavily saturated images that populate most Instagram feeds. Apps like these are a great way to make your workday a bit easier and allow you to gain an understanding of who your audience is and what they want. By using these apps in conjunction with consistent posting of quality content, you can quickly increase your reach on this vital social network. 

12. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is an affordable social media and content scheduling platform your Facebook, Twitter (now X), Blog, and LinkedIn accounts. SocialOomph also offers a plethora of additional features including link shortening, tracking, purging tweets or inbox, email features, integration with other platforms, and many other automated intelligent actions. There are various free features and many that require a small biweekly or monthly subscription fee. Although it has become less effective in 2023 than it used to be in its glory days, it is still worthy of consideration in your social media marketing arsenal. There aren't a lot of great automation and auto-posting programs left that have survived Twitter's increasingly strict new API, so SocialOomph should strongly be considered if you manage multiple social media accounts or brands.

13. Later 

A huge difficulty with managing an Instagram account in maintaining a regular posting schedule. Creating content is hard enough in itself, but remembering exactly when to post, as well as writing out descriptions and adding tags, can be a real drain on your productivity. Later is an Instagram scheduler that allows you to overcome this problem. You can upload all of your content at a single point in time and set the exact date and time for it to be posted. This also helps with optimizing your posting times as you can see stats on when a picture was posted and how much engagement it received, allowing you to work out the best time to post. 

14. SocialGrow 

Getting eyeballs on your Instagram page is never easy. One of the best ways to draw attention to yourself is to actually engage with other users. But doing this manually can be a massive drain on your time. SocialGrow is an effective Instagram bot that automates some of your interactions to improve productivity. You set the target audience and the software will sift through relevant content, liking posts where appropriate, following traditional human behavioral patterns. 

15. Vigo Video 

Content is the heart of Instagram. But simple pictures can often be quite boring, and engagement rates with videos and other moving content are usually much higher. Vigo Video (formerly Flipagram) is an amazing content creation tool that allows you to create slideshows and interesting video content out of your own pictures and videos. It’s really quick to use, allowing you to churn out content much faster than traditional methods. Plus you can post directly to Instagram or download the content for posting at a later date!

16. Owlmetrics

You can measure the success of campaigns using Owlmetrics, an Instagram analytics tracking platform. You will want to stay apprised of a few key insights affecting your business. Engagement, followers, click-through rates (CTR) and revenue generation are a few figures to consider, and seeing these numbers rise over the course of your campaign is a sign that your strategy is working. Owlmetrics can be a solid investment for your business.

17. Squarify

Squarify is a free software application that helps to add colored or designed borders to make any image on your phone square-shaped to fit Instagram's image specification requirements. The Squarify app not quite as necessary these days since you can now post rectangular images on IG, but in some cases it still makes a big difference. I still think it's a good free tool to have on hand and I still use it a few times a month in a pinch.

18. ManageFlitter

Twitter (X) can get a little chaotic once you get into the tens or hundreds of thousands of followers. ManageFlitter helps you to make sense of your Twitter followers and following. It allows you to find spam followers, unfollow accounts that aren't following you back, follow accounts of potential value, and analyze Twitter users. It's a great tool for a growing or already large Twitter account or host of Twitter accounts if you own or manage multiple brands. The only issue now in 2023 and going into 2024 is ManageFlitter may have to pay for Twitter X API access and could have spammy features limited.

19. Loomly 

Once you have an audience in mind, it is time for the most important step: creating content. You can post videos, photographs, infographics, guides, or whatever else will communicate your message in an enticing way. Remember to keep everything on-brand; internet users will avoid you if they think your feed is all over the place. 

Because online content is so essential, thinking of what to publish and producing it can be creatively and physically exhausting. Sometimes, you need some inspiration—which is where Loomly comes in. It not only offers scheduling features, but it can also give you ideas for what to post based on RSS feeds, events, holidays, Twitter trends, social media best practices, and more. 

20. is a helpful automated tool for posting your new articles and blog posts directly onto social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, and now Mastodon. Anyone who publishes a lot of new content daily knows that it can be time-consuming to share each post on multiple platforms every day. also offers analytics on each of your shared posts in 2024. 

It is basically like hiring a social media marketing virtual assistant for pennies on the dollar! They also offer a free version with limited functionality to try out, but it might be enough for a small-time or casual marketer. I have used their free version successfully for many years with modest benefits.

Top SMM Tool Honorable Mention #1: Repost

Repost is really helpful! There are plenty of free applications and websites that allow you to "re-gram" or share other people's Instagram pictures and videos while giving them attribution in the image. Repost is a solid free option to help you do just that for your IG SMM.

Top SMM Tool Honorable Mention #2: Magic Social 

Now that you have content to share, it is time to start working on growing your audience. You can do it through trial and error, but it is recommended that you leverage the help of powerful social media analytics tools. Another option is turning to a growth expert, such as those at the Instagram service Magic Social. Magic Social uses smart filters to target your desired audience for you, bringing you real followers and likes while you sit back and enjoy posting. Letting someone else worry about the strategy part of social media frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business in 2023. 

Top Social Media Marketing Tool Runner-Up: MavSocial

Are you tired of juggling multiple social media accounts for your business, only to see little return on your investment? It is a common problem for businesses, particularly those with multiple brands and locations, but it doesn't have to be this way. Introducing MavSocial, the global leader in social media management for businesses, particularly those with brands with multiple locations. This platform allows social media marketers to: 

•   Effortlessly publish and schedule posts across all your accounts 
•   Launch targeted advertising campaigns that actually convert with both Organic and Paid (Boosted) advertising in a an integrated platform 
•   Respond to customer reviews in real-time and improve your online reputation 
•   Track your performance and measure ROI with detailed reporting 

With MavSocial SMM SaaS, you will finally be able to: 

•   Spend your time growing your business, not managing social media accounts 
•   Identify which campaigns are driving the most sales and replicate their success 
•   Increase engagement and boost conversions with a cohesive social media strategy 

It is no wonder MavSocial has been ranked first globally by InfoTech, a leading US-based independent research firm. They have excelled in 14 categories, including ease of use and customer support. Try MavSocial risk-free with a 14-day free trial for yourself to augment your overall social media marketing strategy

Also Try Tweetlio 

Tweetlio to a select few decision-makers like you on X social media. Discover how this exclusive platform can transform your Twitter management and amplify your marketing reach. Key Features of Tweetlio SMM includes Viral Tweet Ideas: Over 3 million viral tweet ideas and top picks. Tweet Scheduling: Effortlessly schedule tweets and threads. AI-Powered Content: Generate and personalize tweets with our advanced AI. Automated Engagement: Automatically retweet, DM, and engage with keywords and mentions. Comprehensive Analytics: Track your Twitter performance. Effective Outreach: Run campaigns and manage your inbox seamlessly on X.

Social Media Dream Team Tools In 2024

Marketing your brand on social media in 2024 requires patience and strategy, but luckily there are plenty of helpful tools available to keep the venture from becoming overwhelming. Keep these top social selling tools and SaaS apps in your arsenal as you manage your social media marketing strategy in 2024. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top social media marketing tools and software that your business needs in 2024.

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