Actionable Tips On Using Instagram Marketing For Your Business Venture

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The social media platform of Instagram happens to have more than 700 million active users every month and over 1.2 billion total users. The competition is less (only eight million business accounts are on the platform), while the audience is much more engaged than other social media platforms

That fact presents the possibility of businesses to market their services and products in new ways without having to shoulder the high costs of traditional advertising methods. The API of the Instagram allows its users to post their posts through third-party platforms to a business profile like getting 1000 likes for Instagram with discount, which makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the features it offers, especially when you are a brand. 

Regardless of whether you are a new brand on the platform or a seasoned user, you can follow the following tips that have proved to be useful. 

Showcasing Your Business In Creative Ways 

If you want your business to succeed, you need to focus on the solutions you offer – and that is the case with Instagram marketing as well. It is very important to add value to the customer. Instagram is a visual platform as well, so you must make yourself look pretty or make the product look pretty as you do it. Never forget the golden rule – the quality of visual content you put out will mean your success or your downfall. 

If the business focuses on providing services, then you do not need to give up promoting it on Instagram. You can show aspects of it such as behind-the-scenes footage. The company culture, some short videos that are up to one minute long, how to also sharing some tips. 

Trying Out Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are also a part of advertising your brand, and one of the most effective. They have a format of slideshows (similar to PowerPoint presentations), and last for 34 hours, although you can save them to your device and use them later. 

This makes them a direct competitor to Snapchat’s Stories, and the popularity has made them among the most effective ways of advertising for many businesses without expensive costs. 

They are usually displayed on the top of the Explore page and follower timelines, they make it easy for you to experiment with different content types, and they can capture other content without the necessary high quality of regular posts. You can also tag other accounts in the post, use hashtags and geotags to make them easier to discover, and use interesting and fun additions like stickers and face filters. 

In addition, you can also use them on the Instagram mobile app and share them through DM (direct messages). 

Making A Winning Profile 

When you have a company, you can do many things while offering your customers more solutions. You do not need to fit every detail of what you do within the 150 characters of your Instagram bio, but you can keep your focus on the next major thing such as a launch, promotion, or marketing event. 

The most important aspect of the bio is the clickable link, so you need to take the initiative of updating it as frequently as you can. It is unfortunate that many brands will only use it to link to their website, but you can actually do so much more with it. These include app downloads, giving your customers a direct link to purchase your products registering for events, and so on. 

There is also the introduction of Instagram business profiles, which have been taken up quickly by many brands on the platform, as well as paid advertising. These profiles allow you to add phone numbers and contact details to your bio, and get extensive analytics data that you would not normally get. 

The good news is setting up a business account is easy, so you can quickly take advantage of the new features it offers. 

Have A Session For Behind-The-Scenes 

You may not know it, but many customers have a curiosity about what goes in the production process, because they want to know where their products come from. In the case of service-oriented businesses, they want to see the challenges you face and your routines when you get to work. Instagram provides an easy way to show them these things, and make them more invested in the brand – since you are allowing them to see what is going on. 

If you need some help, you can source different images that give a clear illustration of the entire process from the beginning to end. This includes the materials you use to make the product, distributing it, and producing. Other approaches include blackboards that have drawings illustrating the process, or some sketches you may have in your book. 

Regardless of the approach you will use, be sure to experiment with the different formats until you get a post that works for you and gets you high engagement. A great feature Instagram now has is the ability to archive posts, so you can choose whatever you want to do with them later on instead of deleting them entirely. 

Use Hashtags To Expand Your Reach 

You can also use hashtags to increase your reach on the IG platform, and they can either be specific or general in their campaign approach, but all that is important is they must remain relevant. 

If setting up an Instagram hashtag, make sure to set the main company hashtag and use it a few times across the platform, making it easier for other users to find you. The best practice is using a maximum of five hashtags, even though the maximum limit is 30 hashtags for every post. 

Specific hashtags in particular will help more people discover your content quickly, since it will appear at the top of the Explore page. You can use hashtags specific to the industry niche you are in. the format you place them is up to you, whether you work them into the post, put them at the end, or at the beginning. 

Utilize Clear Calls-To-Action 

Not everything in your Instagram social media marketing needs to be about a hard sell. That turns off a lot of potential customers. But you still need to get the point across that you are selling a valuable product or service. You need to guide the follower or viewer with a clear call-to-action to show them how they can learn more or purchase your product. Include a text link, include a link in a picture or video, or even verbally mention a link that brings them to a landing page designed to sell. There are too many social media accounts and campaigns out there that are fun and popular but don't generate any actual leads or sales.

Final Thoughts 

The best way to use the Instagram social media platform as a business is by getting yourself in the thick of things and learning your strategy along the way. Using these tips, you may increase your chances of social selling success on IG.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about actionable advice for improving your social media marketing with Instagram.

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