How To Grow Your Business With Instagram Shopping

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No doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. People love visuals, and this is one of the reasons why this visual content based platform gets so much user engagement. 

So, as a business, you cannot ignore its potential for the promotion of your brand. 

But, are you using it just for engaging users and promoting your business? 

For e-commerce businesses, Instagram, through its shopping feature, has much more to offer than just promotion or advertising. This feature is growing day by day, making the platform conducive for businesses to actively sell their products. 

So, here are some tips for utilizing Instagram shopping for the growth of your e-commerce business. 

1. Build Your Own Instagram Shop 

To start with an Instagram shopping campaign, the primary feature that the e-commerce business must focus on is the shop tab on your business profile. 

Since this is the place your customers are going to search to buy your products, you must make sure that you maintain it well. Add your products here with precise descriptions of features, functionality, and price. And remember that the quality of product pictures is essential. 

Finally, the performance of your Instagram shopping campaign will depend on the accuracy of content that you place. 

The rest of the hard work is done by Instagram and your customers. They can now save your product to their shopping collection and visit this collection to make a purchase. 

And this requires hardly any effort anyway if you are a responsible business! 

2. Make Attractive Videos Featuring Your Products 

A video is definitely something that catches user attention better than other forms of content. And, the importance of video content is growing, day by day. Sooner you accept that better it would be for your business. 

Instagram has recently added another opportunity for your business. Now, the shop via video allows your customers to click on the shopping icon that is displayed with your video. Moreover, you can advertise multiple products by featuring them in the same video. 

Videos are better than images when it comes to describing the products. The customers can view and evaluate your products from different angles. 

And, since the in-app experience is also very convenient for the user, he can shop directly from this interface. You never know, if your customer likes the products in the video, he can even buy multiple products which are featured together! 

So, you have to make some engaging videos which feature the products that you are selling. And, this part is the most important one. You can get visitors converted into customers only when they find your videos worth watching, and sharing. 

As per recent research, it is also important to know what types of video perform better in terms of user engagement. Else, you are losing a conversion despite having the best products to offer. 

If you are able to make great video content, Instagram users will watch your interesting videos, share them, and thus bring you more business organically. Your products have a high chance to be noticed through these videos. 

3. Add A Product Sticker To Your Story 

Instagram allows you to add a product sticker to your story, obviously if you are a business approved by Instagram Shopping

The customer can just tap on the sticker to see the product details and description. Now, your responsibility is just about adding engaging stories which can naturally include the product sticker. 

And, obviously, the accuracy of product descriptions will ultimately determine whether you are able to convert the lead. So, never ignore the product descriptions! 

Users can tap on your product sticker to go to the product description, and save the product for shopping. Isn’t it easy and interesting? 

4. Tagging Products In Posts 

Similar to the product stickers in stories, you can tag products in the feeds as well. Five products can be tagged per video or image. 

Tagging the products with these shop-able tags is as simple as tagging people. And, the users tap these tags to access product information and save them for shopping. 

Furthermore, you can create swipe-able carousel post with up to 10 photos or videos. A carousel post is an excellent way of displaying a range of your products on Instagram shopping

Tagging is one of the simplest of the social media features. And, when you already have a well-defined product list, tagging a product is equally convenient. But, the challenge here is to create very engaging stories.

If you can do that, you can get the best out of Instagram shopping! 

5. Gather Feedback 

E-commerce businesses grow and improve customer satisfaction. And so, they long for any feedback opportunity. 

Instagram can be a very good source of feedback from your customers. So, let’s see how to gather feedback from the customers. 

While you do access your direct messages inbox, what you could have possibly ignored is the fact that there is an ‘other’ inbox in your inbox. This stores the messages that you receive from the people who you aren’t following. So, this is where so many customers leave their feedback or queries for you. 

Don’t ever ignore the comments from users on your Instagram. These will give you an idea about any deficiencies in the product descriptions which you must actively correct. 

Starting a poll is also a very good way to get feedback about your products. And, why just products, this will also give an idea about how attentively the users are viewing your feeds and stories. 


E-commerce companies don’t want to miss out on any platform that their prospective customers love. Instagram is one of the platforms which receive good user engagement. 

And, with the shopping feature, Instagram has opened a wide range of possibilities for the e-commerce businesses to reach out to their customers. 

Shopping on Instagram is convenient for the user and interesting too. It is equally liable for the businesses as well. I have already told you how! 

So, why not explore more out of Instagram shopping to boost your business. 

If you are already using Instagram shopping for your e-commerce business, do share your experience with the others! 

Author Bio: Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to e-commerce and social media marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to grow your business branding and sales with Instagram Shopping.

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