How To Make A High Street Shop Digital-Ready

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With the surge of online options when it comes to shopping, it's not surprising that the digital age is being cited as the reason for the fall of the high street. However, there's another path that could potentially see the high street become relevant in its own right again, and it requires them to embrace the perks of the online world in an offline setting. Here to explain more is Propsellers, which boasts a large commercial property for rent range. 

Paperless Receipts 

A YouGov survey highlighted how 44% of customers would prefer to receive a digital receipt for in-store purchases. However, just a third of the survey’s respondents said that they were given this opportunity. When you consider that 64 per cent of those involved in the survey would be open to receiving additional marketing messages, 34 per cent product promotions and 31 per cent information about loyalty programmes too, you should really consider making them a part of your business’ offering. 

There's plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of in an email receipt, such as: 

• An opt-in option for marketing emails 
• An offer to complete an online survey 

Contact details are also a good idea for email receipts. Do this by pointing them to the places online where they can ask someone at your company a question, leave a review and make an enquiry in the unfortunate event they need to make a return. Links to your social media channels will encourage happy customers to remain engaged with your brand. 

As an added benefits, email receipts shows care for the environment, as you’re lowering the amount of paper waste your company contributes to. 

Click & Collect Option 

One of the best examples of online and offline combinations in use is Click & Collect. According to research by Macfarlane Packaging, it became the third most popular online service in the UK during 2017 behind just online banking and online shopping in general. There are so many reasons why you should consider introducing Click & Collect services at your company — with benefits being offered to customers and retailers alike. 

For customers, Click & Collect is a flexible option for their orders, as they can choose where to have their items delivered. In fact, delivery company, Shutl, conducted a survey which found that 95 per cent of respondents would consider shopping with another retailer should their first choice not be able to provide a suitable delivery option for their needs. Customers will also be given the opportunity to get around delivery costs and also get reassurance that an item that they are keen to own can still be purchased even if it’s sold out at their local stores. 

For a retailer, Click & Collect can potentially boost sales. This is because customers who visit a physical store to pick up their order could be inclined to buy even more items as they work their way to a shop’s collection desk. Retail Assist found this to be a case at fashion retailer, New Look, as it discovered 25 per cent of Click & Collect customers make additional purchases in their stores. You can capitalise on this further by putting your most eye-catching items and best deals along the path that customers will take from a store’s entrance to the collection desk. 

Interactive Hubs In-Store 

The tradition for shops was to show off static displays full of colour in windows or within the building. Interactive window displays have now emerged though and are naturally eye-catching with their hi-tech designs and excellent use of lighting effects. 

Retail website, I Am Omnichannel, shows the benefits of interactive retail displays in-store. According to its study, 70 per cent of women and 50 per cent of men see shopping as a form of entertainment. What’s more, 70 per cent of customers say that digital signage is entertaining. 

Plus, it can benefit your sales, as 30% of customers noted an experience with an interactive display lead to them making a purchase. With that amount of potential extra custom, the cost for getting these retail store displays installed could quickly be reimbursed. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to make your main street retail shop digital-ready to compete with Amazon, eBay and other ecommerce stores.

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