Google AdWords Certification Video Advertising Guide

Google AdWords Certification Video Advertising Guide

Google AdWords Certification Video Advertising Guide Test Answers

Welcome back to my Google AdWords Certification Guide! As a longtime YouTube Partner, YouTube advertiser, and overall video marketing enthusiast, I decided that the 2nd exam I would take to officially get AdWords Certified would be their Video Advertising course concentration. I will take the other course options (mobile advertising, search advertising, display advertising, and shopping advertising respectively) eventually but the exam notes and answers below will pertain to the Google video advertising course. 

You want to answer the call to growing your marketing career and here it is with Google Ads insights for YouTube videos!

Google AdWords Certification Video Advertising Guide

Facilitate discover and interaction by promoting with YouTube video advertising or YouTube curated profile page.

Video creators get excellent data with Google Analytics. And utilizing text to image generators is the perfect way to create effective videos or presentations for YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

TruView Video Ad Formats:

TrueView video ads give viewers control over which advertiser messages they want to see and when. Each TrueView ad format appears in different context, viewers interact with each format differently. 

TrueView In-Stream Ads:
Appear before, during, or after YouTube videos or on the Display Network. Pay when user watches 30s of your video or duration if shorter, or engages in CTA overlays, cards, & companion banners.

TrueView Video Discovery Ads:
Ad of any length when people are searching YouTube or browsing videos on YouTube or across the web. Charged when user clicks on your link and begins watching vid. Appear next to YouTube vids, YouTube search results, and publisher sites across Display Network. 

Keyword Contextual Targeting:
Use keywords to help match ads to web content

Affinity Audiences: 
Interest-based groups to target, especially for TV & Digital Media

Custom Affinity Audiences:
More specifically tailored to detailed interests of viewers.

In-Market Audiences:
Customers researching products and services and actively considering buying something similar to your offering.

Reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel. 

Target by Language Preferences (language they view YouTube in) or Targeting By Language (languages spoken by viewer regardless of geographic location).

Display Assets: InVideo, Standard Banner, Multi-Purpose Unit
Video Assets: Standard In-Stream, TrueView
Other Assets: Homepage Masthead & Expendable, Rich Media
Avg View Frequency: Avg # times ad viewed by person over time
View Rate: Paid Views / # Impressions 
Frequency Capping: Restricting # times same person sees ad

Video Remarketing:
Link YouTube Account to Google AdWords Account
Create remarketing lists for users that have watched, liked, commented, shared, seen ad, or visits / subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Several lists per channel but lists don't transfer to more than 1 channel.

Google AdWords Pre-Roll Videos usually have excellent ROI on YouTube!

Google AdWords Certification Video Advertising Test Time:

Now you are ready to Take The AdWords Video Ad Exam!

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I hope you enjoyed this post on a certification note guide and exam answers for the Google AdWords Video Advertising PPC course.

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