5 Ways To Keep Your Company Connected & Secured

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What does it mean to keep your business connected and secured? Does it entail knowing anything and everything around your niche? Having enterprise-grade security running in the backdrop? Business owners and CEO's may have slightly different definitions and ideas of what a connected and secured business is, but whatever you view it as, one thing is for certain - a successful business must have strong connections and security layers that keep its operations up and running at optimal levels. 

Practice Accountable Browsing 

Web browsing is a common activity in the office, be it for leisure during lunch breaks or for research to resolve a complex problem. Some sites and pages are loaded with virus and malware that could disrupt daily business operations and corrupt sensitive data on your company's servers. Accountable web browsing from you and your employees will help avoid these costly and disruptive damages. 

Allocate More Resources To Digital Security

Most security problems stem not from a company's inability to tackle the issue head on, but the lack of resources allocated for it. Many connection and security issues a small business or startup encounters are simple enough that only sufficient manpower and budget need to be allocated to it. Even with little to no budget, certain measures can be taken to safeguard physical and digital assets. Don't skimp on IT and data security!

Use Strong & Dynamic Passwords 

Strong passwords are your first line of defense against hackers. Whether it's by guessing over and over until they get it or by brute-forcing it with algorithms, hackers can get hold of your accounts. If you use the same password for all your accounts, they'll have an easier time gaining access to more sensitive business information. Try to rotate passwords each month and if possible authorize 2-Step Verification and other helpful alerts to prevent unwanted logins.

Use a Good Networking Provider 

Keeping your business connected and secured starts with strengthening physical access points including your desktop and laptop computers and mobile phones that connect to your business' network. Use a reliable network provider to power your networking needs without being charged high fees. 

Encrypt Data 

Implement proper levels of encryption to moving and stationary data. Robust encryption is a seamless way to fully protect data and to enforce security across multiple platforms, telecommunication mediums and devices. 


These solutions are seamless in the sense that it takes minimal effort and resources to start such changes. Some changes may take time to manifest while others may not be noticeable even after long periods of implementation. Be sure to have metrics running 24/7 to check for IT performance.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on how to keep your business connected and secured to boost business.

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