3 Ways To Optimize Business Productivity

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Do you rework processes, or invest in new technology? Evaluating which strategy is the most productive can seem like a gamble. What really prioritizes your options is determining which approach best fits your business goals. When forming a plan, there are three goals which any efforts should focus on. 

1. Optimize Cash Flow 

You always have to think about positive cash flow, not just bringing in revenue. The first instinct is to go after what seems like a big payoff, but often labor, overhead, or setbacks you never planned for wind up costing more than they return. Cutting business costs is sometimes the first step to get back on track. Look for ways to do this that increase productivity rather than restrict it. 

For example, a managed service provider can take over IT headaches like security, network monitoring, and data storage. This not only saves on hardware and staffing, but is a long-term scalable solution you can plan around. The problem starts when you become accustomed to accepting bad deals to retain customers or get quick cash. Many business people are so obsessed with volume that they lose sight of the fact that there should be a strategy for evaluating every activity in terms of positive cash flow. If the profit isn't there, it shouldn't happen. 

2. Capitalize On New Opportunities 

Business growth is about creating opportunity, not waiting for it. Before starting any new project, whether it's courting a big new client or launching a website, you need to stop and ask yourself what kind of opportunities it can create for your business. Think in terms of cause-and- effect. If you've thought about new location to better serve out-of- state customers, assess the risks. What are the potential consequences if it fails vs the benefits if it succeeds? It may create happier customers, but will it lead to more customers? Can you get a connected local to run it? 

These are all questions requiring informed answers, not blind optimism. The value in any new action should be determined by what opportunities it could lead to. If there's no advantage in buying equipment through a low-profile vendor, look for one more that will give you better industry contracts. If you can use it to your advantage over the long term, it's the right choice. 

3. Maximize Marketing 

Visibility and branding are factors that should come into any decision-making. Advertising isn't enough. The way to promote your company is to make an impact on the minds of targeted consumers. If you aren't in their thoughts, you aren't selling. Make your marketing efforts not only compelling and memorable, but consistent with your company brand. 

You still need to be sensible in the means and channels you use to create visibility for your brand. Establish a presence with the interests that your ideal customers share. This leads to more quality prospects than connecting with people who don't even use your product or service. 

Even if you start to gain attention, you have to do more than advertise. Companies that don't deliver on their promises, or provide poor customer support, will have buyers turning away when it's vital to get their repeat business. Getting attention is one thing; but in these days of online reviews and mobile networks, reputation is a big part of visibility. 

Power Up Productivity

Business plans are only the first step; seeing that they're carried out efficiently and correctly is just as important. As you go through the process, see that every new undertaking aligns with the three goals above. The one thing they have in common is that they build a future for you business. Producing temporary gains is no way to get ahead.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on ways to optimize your company's productivity and unleash additional opportunities for growth. 

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