X-Fortunes Review – Access To Diverse Assets And Markets

X-Fortunes review


● Account Minimum: $0 
● Fees: $0 for stocks 

X-Fortunes Review Introduction 

X-Fortunes is one of the most robust online brokers, attracting traders and investors from multiple countries worldwide. This highly-rated broker boasts an extensive selection of assets and broader market access, allowing you more investment options. The broker with such a high rating has streamlined their desktop, web, and mobile platforms with intuitive tools that simplify the overall trading experience for all users. However, after we reviewed X-Fortunes we found that it also needs to be improved in some areas you should understand before investing too much cash. 


● The broker allows access to different asset classes 
● Broader market access 
● Intuitive trading platforms 
● Excellent trade executions 


● Few educational materials 
● Services are inaccessible in some regions 

Pros Explained  

Access To A Wide Range Of Asset Classes 

One of X-Fortunes’s top benefits that we reviewed is that it allows you unlimited access to robust product offerings. The goal is to allow every trader and investor the best opportunity to pursue their chosen investment strategy and maximize profits. 

Broader Market Access 

X-Fortunes also boasts an extensive network of market centers to give traders and investors more flexibility. On X-Fortunes.com and its mobile app it allows you access to more than 150 international markets, including exchanges and automated trading systems. 

Intuitive Trading Platforms 

X-Fortunes supports desktop, web, and mobile trading. The platform has user-friendly screeners, analysis, and research tools for seamless trading. 

Excellent Trade Executions 

X-Fortunes uses a proprietary order routing algorithm to route trades across several market centers. While traders can also route orders to specific market centers, the technology facilitates the best price executions. 

Cons Explained 

Few Educational Materials 

The limited educational materials on X-Fortunes might seem like a potential setback, but the broker also offers good customer support to bridge the gap. 

Services Are Inaccessible In Some Regions 

X-Fortunes currently accepts clients from multiple countries and territories, but their services still need to be availed in some regions. You can check the list of the covered countries on their website before signing up. 

Trading Experience 

The trading experience on X-Fortunes is generally seamless. You can even use its desktop, web, and mobile platforms simultaneously because the broker has streamlined them with similar tools and features. X-Fortune users also have access to the same asset classes and markets across all three trading platforms. 

X-Fortunes does not charge minimum account deposits so that you can register and test the platforms for up to 90 days without immediate funding. The trading platforms support all the fundamental tools and functionalities, including charting, multi-leg options, trading idea generators, calculators, portfolio analysis, research, and news. 

X-Fortunes has a more robust appeal, with some technical tools unavailable on the web and mobile versions. It offers conditional orders, custom charts, and advanced screeners for active traders. The mobile and web versions have simplistic designs, well-suited to beginners and casual traders. 

Range Of Offerings 

This broker’s robust product offerings are among the main reasons many traders and investors are increasingly attracted to the platform. The broker boasts an extensive selection of high-growth assets and fixed-income products to meet the needs of retail traders and institutional investors. Here is a rundown of X-Fortunes’s range of offerings. 

- Stocks 
- ETFs 
- Options 
- Bonds 
- Mutual Funds 
- Crypto 
- Forex 
- Commodities 
- Futures 
- CFDs 


X-Fortunes offers a wide range of investment products and brokerage services across several local and international markets. Thus, they use different pricing mechanisms that some traders may need to clarify and review. Nonetheless, here is a general view of X-Fortunes’s fees. 

● Zero account minimums 
● No commissions for stock trading 
● Less than $1 per contract options fee 
● International trades incur exchange fees 
● No fees for domestic wires, checks, and inactivity 

Other fees and margin interest rates may still apply, so check the complete pricing schedule on X-Fortunes website before placing any trades. 

Customer Support 

X-Fortunes brokerage provides 24/7 customer service via phone, email, and messaging. Its platforms also support online chats and a FAQs page that you can use to find help in-app. Besides, clients can also get the benefit of live brokers on X-Fortunes for a small fee to help review investment decisions. If you are an investment broker reviewer, you have to give them credit for their comprehensive dedication to their investor customers.

Our Overall Take On X-Fortunes.com

X-Fortunes is an accomplished brokerage that shines with broader market access and robust product offerings. Our reviews show it also offers user-friendly trading platforms with excellent order executions and good customer support. Overall, X-Fortunes is an incredible online investing platform with equal opportunities for beginners, passive investors, and active traders that you should review for yourself as well.

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