Why Truck Drivers Are In High Demand And What Drivers Can Do To Get The Best Roles

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The demand for truck drivers appears to continue growing year after year. This is down to a range of factors, including pay, conditions, and the changing demographics of truck drivers. Truck driving isn't for everyone. As a result, many businesses are struggling to attract new drivers and retain the drivers they do have. Increasingly, employers are seeing the benefits of ensuring their drivers have a good work-life balance and better conditions to help attract them to their roles. 

If you are looking to access the best possible roles in the trucking industry, you will need to prove to employers that you are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated. Taking steps to become a more qualified and desirable hire is crucial to get to the best jobs. You will also need to keep an eye on job listings to ensure you find the best jobs as soon as they become available. 

Dealing With The Trucker Lifestyle 

One of the biggest concerns for many truckers is the lifestyle. Being on the road frequently can mean that truck drivers struggle to find a healthy work-life balance. Truck driving can also have an impact on diet and sleep health, as it can be tough to find suitable places to stop for a nutritious meal and a good night's sleep. Increasingly this is changing, however, with greater focus being put on truck drivers' health and well-being. 

Concern Over Pay 

A common issue faced by truck drivers is that their pay has not risen in line with inflation. This is changing as businesses raise pay to attract more drivers, but many are still not willing to offer the right incentive to their drivers. This means there may be plenty of jobs out there, but you should be selective with the ones you consider. It is always worth negotiating pay during the application process, as if an employer likes you and your qualifications, they will often be willing to pay more. 

Changes In Trucker Demographics 

The age of truck drivers is going up as fewer and fewer young people choose to enter the career. This means that the truck driver shortage is being exacerbated by the rate at which current drivers retire. In addition, the gender gap is still significant in the trucking industry, with the vast majority of truck drivers being male. 

Increased Freight Demands 

The freight industry has been experiencing significant demands in recent years, rising year on year. Coupled with a declining pool of qualified truck drivers, this has led to the high demand for drivers we see today. The increased demand is down to the significant uptick in online shopping and e- commerce, which shows no signs of slowing down. 

Look At The Latest Job Listings 

If you want to access the best jobs, it is crucial that you see them as soon as they are posted. Checking quality job boards regularly is crucial to help you see the right position early enough to apply and hopefully be successful in your application. On Adzuna, you can find jobs on the go. Tools like this make it simple and easy to check the latest listings throughout your day. 

Get Extra Safety Training 

Safety is critical in the truck driving business, and employers want to know that you will be able to keep yourself, other road users, and your freight safe while you drive. Taking courses in defensive driving and other tools to prove you understand the essential safety rule of truck driving can be invaluable. 

Keep Your License Clean 

One of the best things a truck driver can do to allow them access to the best jobs is to keep their CDL and regular driving license clean. This means no penalties for speeding, DUIs or other offences that could show possible employers that you are a risk to take on. You should practice safe and careful driving in every area of your life, ensuring you will never be prevented from getting your perfect job. 

Train For CDL Endorsements 

CDL endorsements allow you to drive different types of freight and can show that you have the specialist skill and experience to do so safely. There are various types of endorsements available that could qualify you to drive trucks, hauling things like liquids, double or triple trailers, and hazardous materials. This can allow you to access some of the higher-paying jobs with better benefits. 

Final Thoughts On Truck Driving And Transportation

Truck drivers are in such high demand for a range of reasons. It is an excellent time for anyone hoping to get into the industry or move on to a better role. It is always important to understand your worth when applying for a job, and the demand for truck drivers puts you in an excellent negotiation position to get the perks, benefits and pay you deserve. You can further ensure your success in the best roles by taking some extra qualifications, helping you become a safer, better driver.

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