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PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, sometimes referred to as search engine marketing (SEM) on Google with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), is one of the most powerful weapons in your digital marketing arsenal. PPC advertising allows you to bid on keywords, audiences, users, and other targeted data to display your clickable advertisements (image, text, or video) to bring these potential leads to your target landing page. Since you can choose the targeted audience, keyword bidding, and landing pages it allows for very high conversion rates and sales. 

And unlike SEO, which takes weeks to months to years to pay off, PPC campaigns can begin in a matter of minutes or hours. Most people use Google Ads and YouTube Ads for their PPC but there are a wide variety of effective banner display ads, video pre-roll ads, and social media ads to choose from as well.

When used correctly, PPC advertising can provide an almost unlimited stream of income and high ROI. When used incorrectly, PPC ads can be like throwing your money down the toilet. That's why the Bootstrap Business Blog offers a wide variety of top PPC and SEM strategy articles to help you get the results you want with Google Ads, YouTube ads, and social media advertising. Enjoy our growing number of PPC and SEM ads below from dozens of digital marketing experts around the world:

PPC Advertising Strategy Articles

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