Google Ads Mistakes That Digital Marketers Should Avoid

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Nowadays, most of the marketers see and maximize the opportunities of internet in campaigning various ventures, and one of them is by using the advantages of Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords (AKA PPC and SEM as well). It is a paid campaign platform that is under the category of pay per click kind of marketing channel, which means that more clicks results in being in the lead plus getting a potential customer. 

Why Use Google Ads? 

Despite being the oldest platform in the paid online advertising, existing for almost 2 decades now, Google Ads still earn the best reputation when it comes to advertising. According to Google, every advertisers in Google Ads PPC, CPM, or SEM gain an average of 8 dollars for every 1 dollar spent. 

Another reason is that most of the advertisers, especially your competitors, are using Google Ads already, which makes it a perfect way to have more potential customers. 

Here are other reasons why using this marketing strategy will help you have more sales: 

- They are measurable and flexible 
- They are faster compared to search engine optimization (SEO) 
- They are more engaging than other marketing and advertising techniques 
- In Google Ads you control the advertising costs 
- They help beat more competitors 

What Are Some Google Ads Mistakes That Should Be Avoided? 

At first, using Google Ads looks like an easy way to channel your advertisement especially for wider audience. Just choose the keyword, put the advertisement, check the credit details, and there you have it! Despite easy as it looks and its great potentials, unfortunately there are some who experience failures in Google Ads. They end up spending thousands of dollars with little to no results. The reason? Failure to understand the dynamics of using this platform and how to make the most out of it in a practical and beneficial way. 

In order to fully understand Google Ads, do not just rely on the simple matters. It is very important, just like in other marketing strategies, to dwell more about it by learning almost everything about it. From here, you can discern and learn some of the mistakes other marketers did that ended them investing here without gaining from it. Which will be discussed in this article. 

Here are some of the Google Ads mistakes you as a marketer should stay away from: 

1. Having Ad Groups For More Than One Keyword 

One of the common mistakes Google Ads users make is making ad groups with more than 20 roughly related keywords. Doing this make complexities especially to those writing advertisers, also resulting in mismatches on what the people are looking for and what the ad is looking for. 

To prevent this, one ad group with one specified yet related keyword is sometimes enough to avoid further confusions. Moreover, using dynamic text replacement, a method in which it alters the keyword on a particular page to match the keyword from your advertisement, can be a practical way to do as well. 

2. Not Using A CRM Program To Link Accounts

Another mistake Google Ads marketer make is the negligence or inability to furtherly check and monitor the generated sales they make from this platform. To avoid this, using customer relationship management (CRM) tool can be a great help. It easily checks the sales for every keyword used, also to fully promote keywords that are more effective. 

3. Neglecting To Bid On Branded Keywords 

Using branded keywords represent something about the brand of your venture. In Google Ads, there is always the uncertainty if bidding the brand especially to those who are already popular ones, can be worth it. Sadly, some Google Ads marketers choose not to fight for their brands, thinking they will just them a fortune with little to no positive results. 

However, bidding your own branded keyword will not only raise the potential sales margins, but it can give you an assurance that your brand will stand out in the search engine results page. 

4. Not Including Third Party Data 

Using third party data to incorporate API and scripts for better searching results is another thing that Google Ads users always forget. This is very essential step that can help them to increase the sales, since it can automatically adjust to the preferred bidding way, depending of course on the third-party data collected. 

5. Not Testing The Landing Pages Before Using 

Not testing the landing pages is another reason of failure in using Google Ads because it does not determine earlier which of the landing pages will be more effective for the advertisement. Using tools like A/B testing can help you fully check and ensure the effectivity of the chosen landing pages. This test checks two variations an determine which of them can convert better. 

6. Neglecting Remarketing Campaigns For Better Optimization 

A strategy that is used to reached visitors who check out a particular website but not counted as customer, remarketing is a method that is often taken for granted by Google Ads marketers. Usually, they improperly optimize it, failing to relocate the advertisement to make it more effective and better reachable by wider audience. The power of Google can help you solve this, generating a report in which you can check-out where the advertisements are active and from which locations are more effective. 

7. Inability To Track The Performance Of The Campaign 

Not monitoring what your advertisement is going on can result to failure seeing the stuff that needs to be adjusted or change on the strategy for it to maintain its potential to become profitable. Worse, you are losing more and more money by still pursuing something that is not worth it. Despite of the existence of return of investment (ROI) that generates sales, it is always vital to have it personally checked especially on a regular basis. 

8. Failure To Analyze The Appropriate Reports 

Another thing that is essential in tracking is to know which reports are the ones that should be generated. 

This may sound overwhelming seeing your various campaigns and knowing which of them should be accounted for. But digging deeper from these can help you a lot. 

You can check the keywords used and placement as initial factors. Moreover, you can divide more aspects on your campaigns like the Google and Search network and the performance by time, day, devices used and the location as well. 

As soon as you check all of these aspects, you can then review these and have more ideas on how you can improve your upcoming campaigns. 

9. Neglecting The Search Partner Traffic 

A combination of Google and other search partners, the Search network is another thing that digital marketers tend to forget, or sometimes, neglect. 

Different search partners have different requirements and perspectives, that is why it is pretty obvious that what can work on a particular search partner cannot work for the other one. But if you see as you check that the search network partner is not working well, you can choose to continue or to turn it off. Despite that you cannot able to discern which of the search partner is working and which is not, this should never be a hindrance for you to improve your search partner traffic. With the right reports, you can surely see better perspective about it. 

10. Treating Mobile And Desktop Users Adn Websites The Same

Smartphones are frequently used device in advertising. However, it has an entirely different performance and function than laptop and tablets. 

It is important to remember that there are certain features in mobile that can or cannot work with laptop, and vice versa. If you consider using the mobile to search online, you have to ensure that the pages are optimized in mobile settings. 

11. Disorganization When It Comes To Delegation 

Most of the Google Ads users hire individuals that can manage their advertisements and campaigns. However, some users fail to learn and understand how Google AdWords work and just designate the whole management of the campaigns to the hired managers. This results to another big mistake in maximizing the existence of Google Ads for the campaigns. 

Knowing the dynamics of Google Ads before delegating the management to others will ensure you that it is properly managed or not. 

But before doing the hiring and letting other people manage the campaign, you should first assess when is the time that you will be needing more help. Despite of the success of your campaign yet seeing there aren’t any changes, then that is probably one of the best times to seek an agency to assist and guide you. In the agency, there is a Google Ads analyst that will audit your present campaign, determine the areas for improvement and continuously monitor the campaign to ensure that there is a better ROI for that particular Adwords campaign

Get Going With Google Ads And Minimize Marketing Mistakes

Google Ads are just one of the various ways to make your advertisements can be monetized. However, it is important that prior to using various methods and strategies, careful studying and identifying the Google AdWords opportunities to your campaign is a very important thing to accomplish for your PPC potential.

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