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The worlds of business, law, and politics are always crossing paths. You can't have one without the other, and if your business is on the wrong side of the law or powerful politicians then it won't last long. We are all well aware of the issues that can arise such as insider trading, malpractice, employee violations, lawsuits, tax evasion, illegal businesses, voter fraud, embezzlement, conspiracy, and countless other situations everyone wants to avoid. It is important for all entrepreneurs, startup founders, managers, investors, and business owners to at least have a basic grasp on the principles of law in commerce. And the law is always changing on a local, national, or international level.

We live in a very litigious society now, especially in the United States where there are 1.3 million lawyers, more than any other country in the world. As long as there is money at stake, lawsuits, class action litigation, and settlements are huge risks and opportunities for those deserving and undeserving alike. Litigation is always a tool that can be leveraged by individuals and corporations, so be careful. Tread lightly and don't put anything in print or recording that you wouldn't want to be used against you in a court of law.

Lawyers and politicians need to have a strong grasp of business, money, and marketing principles as well. Many legal disputes come down to money in the end and law firms need to stand out from the pack in such a competitive and cutthroat industry with solid marketing practices. Even in the courtroom, attorneys need to be good storytellers and sales experts to convince a judge and jury that their side is correct. And let's not forget the growing impact of new business technology on legal proceedings. Sometimes the law is the law, until it isn't when it becomes too antiquated. Then the legalese must evolve and become updated.

It can get quite confusing very quickly, so Bootstrap Business is here to help you with our top blog posts and resources on the law in 2024. Read the growing number of business law articles below from legal experts, attorneys, industry writers, lawyers, and law firms from around the world: 

Law Articles

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The law is not lenient so make sure you know your stuff! More blog articles on the intersection of law and business from legal experts around the world are coming soon here on Bootstrap Business.


No matter what your politics are, I think we can all agree that the political world has an enormous impact on the world of business. It's obviously very intertwined with the law as well, especially the judicial branches of government. Politics, law, and business are intertwined for better or for worse, and it will always be that way to at least some extent. It's important to stay informed of political issues such as trade agreements, regulations, international disagreements, and elections no matter what industry you are in.

Politics are powerful so you need to stay informed. From the upcoming US presidential election, to trade wars with China, to Brexit and countless other political events are impacting law and economics daily. From the White House to Parliament and everywhere in between, political leaders have a larger impact than anyone else on business and economics. Read the growing number of political blog post articles from myself and political experts from around the world.

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Politics = Profits + Power!! More articles on politics, politicians, and political quotes coming soon on Bootstrap Business from political experts around the world!

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