What is the Best Type of Law to Practice? 7 Great Options For Lawyers

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It’s no secret that law school is expensive. Especially if you’re attending one of the top law schools in the US, your average cost is around $60,000 a year.

When thinking about the best type of law to practice, a lot of students consider the highest paying legal jobs. This is because paying off student debt will be important after graduation for lawyers and attorneys.

If you want to know what type of law you should practice, keep reading to learn 7 great law practice options!

1. Intellectual Property Law

This type of law is growing with the expanding technology market. This covers things like copyrights, trademarks and other similar concepts. It’s one of the most lucrative types of law to practice.

2. Real Estate Law

Real estate law involves reviewing offers and contracts. These lawyers make sure that buyers are getting a fair deal and work with sellers. Earning a high salary with this type of law depends on the area you are practicing since you can make more in a larger city.

3. Tax Law

Tax lawyers help to solve tax issues and work with individuals and businesses, and help with estate planning. The median pay for this type of law is around $99,000, but it’s possible to make much more each year. If you get a job as a tax lawyer with a top corporation then you could easily make multiples of that number.

4. Labor Law

Labor and employment lawyers work with employers and employees. These lawyers help to maintain the relationship between these groups and keep it fair for both parties. The median pay is less than the types of law above, but some attorneys make much more. 

Labour law is also considered to be a very progressive area of law, where legal attorneys fight for the rights of the underprivileged workforce and save them from getting exploited. The california labor code details all the rules and regulations you need to know about the different aspects of the legal processes in the state.

5. Corporate Law

Corporate law can be one of the most lucrative, depending on the corporation. This type of lawyer covers the rules, regulations and practices for the operation of the company.

6. Criminal Defense Law

Criminal defense lawyers help protect people who have been accused of a crime. Depending on who the clients are, these lawyers can have high annual salaries. This is because the treatment for criminal defendants usually depends on the skills of the defense attorney.

7. Divorce and Family Law

Again, divorce law can be lucrative depending on the clients and the area of practice. The process of divorce is handled by family law attorneys and involves a range of things like dividing up property and handling child custody.

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Choosing the Best Type of Law to Practice Depends on Many Factors

Salary is probably not the only factor you’re considering when choosing the best type of law to practice for your future as an attorney or lawyer. It’s important to consider what each type of law involves since you’ll be spending your career covering it.

The 7 options above offer lucrative legal salaries, but it’s also necessary to be interested in these law topics! Keep reading our law blog to learn more about the latest trends in the legal field! 

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