Best Countries For Advertising And Marketing Careers

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If you have a college degree in marketing or are looking to specialize in the field, you might want to know which countries are the best on the marketing career ladder. 

Although there is a need for marketers worldwide, most jobs are concentrated in countries and cities, especially in places that have long been known as the home of major advertising firms or other businesses. These countries are where you should go if you want to get started in your marketing careers. 

North America 


As in the banking, finance, and accounting sectors, Canada's three main marketing hubs are concentrated in the three largest cities in the country: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. 

These three cities are home to some of the most prestigious marketing agencies and companies and offer various marketing functions for the right candidate. 

So whether you are looking to become a marketing manager, a social media expert, or a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, there are almost certainly several jobs in Canada that match your skills. 

It is good news for marketing professionals or recent graduates in Canada. The bad news is that the field is packed with competitive candidates. 

Therefore, if you desire to stand out from the crowd as a marketer, you should be as prepared as possible. You may consult an RCIC who helps immigrants move successfully. But before you decide to work with consultants, you should read reviews on their work. For example, here is the UIS Canada review that tells in detail about one of the consulting companies. 

Latin America 

Marketers who want to build long-term relationships, experience unspoiled nature and ancient cultures, and improve their Spanish language skills, may want to find the challenges and satisfaction they seek in marketing careers in both Central and South America. 


Argentina has a strong, influential economy (and the third largest) among the Americas' countries, with plenty of open land for adventure during downtime. 

Marketers in Argentina can work anywhere within a full range of organizations, from non-governmental organizations to large international corporations. 


Ecuador is still developing economically, which will allow marketing and advertising professionals to get involved on the first floor. 

With many marketing positions in developing organizations, people in the marketing sector will need to take a lot of initiative when stepping into their roles. In the marketing field in Ecuador, there is no "the meek will inherit the earth." 


Mexico is ideal for marketing professionals looking to improve their Spanish and build a strong network because its economy is just continuing to grow as the country plays a significant role on the world stage. 

People in a marketing career who choose to work in Mexico should be prepared to look their best among Mexican business professionals, especially in major cities. 

However, it doesn't hurt that there is plenty to see outside the office, including beaches, ruins, and delicious food. 

When you are not knee-deep in work, wander the beautiful landscapes of South and Central America. 


Fashionable aspiring marketing trainees interested in contemporary affairs will enjoy the mix of cultures that make up Europe. 

While Europe as a whole provides a relatively easy adjustment for English speakers, those who want to choose a foreign language or gain access to a niche marketing field will also be able to find a suitable option in the close but different countries of the European Union. 


England is prestigious, academic, and international. You may want a nice pair of Oxfords and a bordello (umbrella) to contend with the almost daily rain if you choose a marketing career here. 

For marketing professionals who don't speak foreign languages (and want to learn them), this native English-speaking country will suit you better than many other multilingual European destinations. 


France values a strong work ethic, and in return, believes in equally strong employee benefits and a stable work-life balance. 

Therefore, marketing professionals in France will enjoy a lunch break of one to two hours but will be expected to do a good amount of work during working hours. 

You may want to speak French un petit peu and respect the company hierarchy if you choose France for your international marketing career. 


Marketing professionals in Spain come out top almost every conceivable destination for marketing in Europe. 

Marketing professionals looking for a true Spanish flavor will find no better place than the charming, passionate, and fast-paced nation of Spain for a career in marketing abroad. 

A relaxed mood and a mid-afternoon siesta won't be hard to adjust to, but don't be fooled! After work, happy hours will start late and end early in the morning. Therefore, be prepared to work hard and play hard as a marketing professional in Spain. 


Ambitious marketing professionals may find many marketing companies to help them achieve high career goals throughout Asia. 

Being home to diverse cultures, languages, and economic development stages, professionals will not fail to find the right marketing company to broaden their perspectives and teach them widely applicable skills. 


China provides a challenging environment for international marketing careers, one of the world's oldest civilizations and simultaneously one of the world's most influential countries today. 

Networking as a marketing professional in China (and picking up Mandarin along the way) is sure to impress future employers. It also doesn't hurt that China's economy is the second-largest in the world and a major player in the WTO. 


India also has ancient roots, so between Bollywood and a huge curry amount, India's career will probably be a unique experience. 

Although India continues to show impressive economic growth, it still faces several socio-economic challenges. 

As a marketing professional in India, you will most likely be working with non-profit organizations to promote economic development to help the local community thrive. 


Thailand's friendly locals, dense jungle, and status as the perfect home base to explore the rest of Southeast Asia are just some reasons why marketers often choose this budget-friendly Asian country. Grab some Thai food and get ready to work hard and learn a lot. 


If a sink or swim mentality isn't your thing, but you want nonetheless to maintain ties to Asia's largely influential economy, consider mixing business with pleasure by applying to a marketing company on one of Oceania's islands. 

When you head back, water marketing enthusiasts will thrive on living and working in the tropics alongside tanned and smiling Australians or Kiwis, gaining the experience that helps renew their work. 


Australia is where you can live your business dream and learn to surf while enjoying a career in marketing. 

While accents can be challenging, marketing professionals with limited foreign language skills and fear spiders will do just fine in this sunny English-speaking country. 

New Zealand 

The perfect New Zealand postcard landscape and the general lack of bugs are just some of the appealing factors that marketers will probably not take for granted. 

However, a smaller population means fewer marketing jobs available, so landing a marketing job in New Zealand will be a competitive process. 

How To Choose The Best Country For A Marketing Career 

Utilize The Resources Available To You: 

• Read reviews of marketing jobs to determine quality and credibility. 

• Compare marketing jobs side by side. 

• Let the professionals match you with the best marketing jobs. 

Seek For Your Best Personal Fit Based On: 

• Lifestyle - Do you prefer sunny surf to mountain peaks? The bustling city rather than the country roads? 

• Personality - Are you laid-back and relationship-oriented like most Latinos, or do you feel more comfortable sticking to the business behavior typical of Asia? 

• Language Ability - Do you have sufficient command of the local language or not? Do you want to learn it? 

• Career Goals - Where (geographically) do you want to build a network? Is there a specific company or niche market that guarantees a position more in line with your long-term career direction? 

• Financial Situation - Can you afford the cost of living for the duration of you building your career? 

Start Your Marketing Career Today 

With the rise of the internet and the need for digital marketing, marketers and advertisers are now in high demand. 

However, no matter how in-demand the profession is, you still increase your chances of getting a job and building a career if you go where the industry is concentrated. Therefore, you should consider these countries for marketing careers as places to go. 

Now you should know where to look, and you hopefully know what you need and have the resources and the ability to find and choose the best country for your marketing career.

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