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These days, the digital marketing industry is booming in all sectors. A large number of the population is using the internet and other digital mediums on a daily basis. That is why all the industries including Healthcare industry, Financial industry, the Advertising industry, Education industry, etc. are promoting their businesses online. Therefore, there is a high demand for professional digital marketers.

Digital marketing is a new marketing technique that is used to promote products and services through different digital channels. It helps to improve the revenue and branding of a company. There is a lot of scope in the digital marketing field such as: 

Huge Requirement

Many companies are now adopting digital marketing. Consequently, there is a huge demand for well-trained digital marketers. However, there is a lack of qualified experts in this field. According to the survey, there will be need of 2,00,000 digital employments by the year 2022. Thus, a person who willingly wants to make a career in digital marketing will get the benefit in future as demand is more and supply is less. 

A Variety Of Career Opportunities 

Digital marketing gives you the advantage of being selective about the kind of work. It does not confine you to one particular field. There are several fields in which you can make your career such as: 

• Social Media Marketing Executive 
• SEO Executive 
• Mobile Marketing Specialist 
• Conversion Rate Optimizer 
• Email Marketer 
• Business Analytics Specialist 
• Online Content Developer 
• Professional Blogger 
• Web Analytics 
• Digital Marketing Consultant 
• Inbound Marketing Manager 
• Entrepreneur 
• PPC Executive 
• Affiliate Marketer 
• Freelancer 

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Become A Business Person 

Digital marketing offers to start your own business. You can without having so much money, start running an online business. All you need to have proper knowledge of digital marketing tools and techniques. Then it will be easy to promote your eCommerce store or your actual business on different digital channels. 

Attractive Salary Packages 

The salary of a digital marketer depends on the kind of experience, knowledge, and skills. It means, the more you proficient the more you can get payroll. However, if you are a fresher, you can get $250-$350 per month. Experienced digital marketers can earn up to $700 according to the skills and proficiency. 

No Specific Qualification Required 

You are not required to have a degree or diploma in a particular field. Digital marketing offers to start your career without venturing into an office. You can write blogs for your own blogging website on a computer anywhere in the world. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection! You can also become a freelancer and take up the work from different websites. 

There are some additional benefits of digital marketing: 

• Builds brand awareness 
• Gives better ROI for marketing investments 
• It guarantees business stability online 
• Provides a chance to interact directly with the targeted audience. 

Growth In Digital Marketing 

The digital marketing industry is flourishing day by day. In India only, 70% of companies are going to hire digital marketing professionals. According to the survey, advertisement through digital marketing rose 400%. The digital marketing industry growth rate is expanded up to 30%, while other industries growth rate is 10% to 20%. 


Digital marketing offers various growth opportunities for those people who are creative, dynamic, love challenges and ready to follow online marketing trends. This industry provides a platform consistent learning and different experiences. Hence, it can be said that in the next few years, digital marketing will become mandatory for every industry and will open many ways to make a career in different job portals.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about digital marketing career growth opportunities and scope of jobs.

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