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hubspot academy inbound marketing certification notes guide answers

HubSpot is obviously one of the most popular and rapidly growing digital marketing software companies out there. I am a big fan because of their Inbound Marketing expertise, their Boston roots, and founders CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah. I have been an inbound marketer since 2009 because I would much rather educate a prospect than force traditional marketing methods down their throats in 2024. 

Anyways, to brush up on my inbound marketing practices, and to get some updated perspectives, I am casually pursuing their Inbound Certification course from the HubSpot Academy. It is a comprehensive course with plenty of insight and real-world examples on how to successfully and seamlessly implement inbound marketing into your business model. I figured I would post some of my notes as I went through the certification course so you get a better idea of what it is about. Hopefully these HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketer notes and answers will help you as well in 2024. 

Here are my notes for Part 1 of 10 for their HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification For 2024:


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My First HubSpot test attempt on 9/20/15 I passed with a score of 95% using just these notes and my digital marketing experience.

hubspot academy inbound marketing certification notes guide

hubspot academy inbound marketing certification notes

Essentials of an Inbound Marketing Strategy

-80% of decision makers would prefer articles & content vs and advertisement
-Create Content, Offering Assistance, and Educating Buyers
-Buyers have all the power now, you must answer to them

Inbound Methodology: Guide For You As The Marketer

1)      Attract, Convert, Close, Delight + ANALYZE each area


Attract the right visitors, not just anybody

Buyer’s Journey: Model of Buyer’s Behavior, Active Research

1)      Awareness Stage- buyer is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. Is currently doing research to clearly understand, frame, and give a name to their problem
Troubleshoot, Issue, Resolve, Risks, Upgrade, Improve, Optimize, Prevent

2)      Consideration Stage- Problem named, looking at all solution strategies and options, short term patch or other options, no specific brands or vendors yet named.
Solution, provider, service superior, tool, device, software, appliance

3)      Decision Stage- Whittling down list of brands and vendors, comparing, and making final choice ultimately
Compare, Pros and Cons, Review, Test, Benchmark

HubSpot Tip: Specific content at specific times in the buyer cycle helps conversions and revenue generation.

Content Offers:
- Case Study
- Video
- White Paper
- Calculator / Worksheet
- eBook
- Template
- Research / Report
- Checklist
- Webinar
- Free Demo
- Trial Download

Mapping An Individual Content Offer:

3 Key Content Mapping Fundamentals: 
(intersecting at buyer stage)

Content Type / Format-
- User Behavior / Research Needs
- Keywords & Relevant Terms

Marketing Funnel: 
Predictive Analytics Model As A Marketing, Branding, Or Sales Pipeline


Buyer Persona:
-Static picture of your ideal buyer, their habits, and general needs
-Demographics, names, goals, etc. Helps you become Customer-Centric

Inbound Marketing Terms:

A/B Testing:
Comparing 2 variations of a single variable to determine best option via landing pages, email marketing, or calls to action.

Discovery and communication of meaningful patterns of data.
Data of marketing initiatives, analyzing trends, and developing actionable insights

Bottom of the Funnel:
-Leads are about to close and become customers. Problem has been identified and all solutions analyzed. Needs a final call to action to close sale such as call from sales rep, demo, or free consultation.

Call To Action:
Text link, image, button, or other web link that encourages visitors to become leads. Increases conversion rate. Includes whitepapers, email subscription, free ebook, free trial, etc.

2. Fundamentals Of Inbound Marketing & Sales Success

Inbound Best Practices:

1)      Use Buyer Personas: Know who you’re trying to reach, everything you do must be tied back to these personas. Representation of your ideal buyer based on data, research, demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Start w/ current and previous customers, use coworkers, and prospects. Focus on MOTIVES and WHY.
a) Research Personas b) Identify Trends by bucketing groups of replies and feedback c) Create Persona Profile Stories

2) Use The Buyer’s Journey:  Make sure every interaction your persona has with your organization is tailored to where they are in the Buyer’s Journey

3) CreateRemarkable Content: Content tailored to who your buyer persona is and where they are in the buyer’s journey, inbound fuel. Content is king!

4) Leverage Your Content: Make content available to find and to serve your business goals. Content distribution provides context to your inbound content. 

Congratulations On Reading Part 1 of the Bootstrap Business Guide to Getting HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certified!

hubspot academy inbound marketing certification

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9/16 HubSpot Certification Update:

digital marketing lean startup book

I hope you enjoyed this article about getting certified through the HubSpot Inbound Academy for digital marketing.

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