Podcasting has become very popular over the last several years with technological improvements for both the producers and consumers. What was once a lame hobby or a demotion from public or satellite radio has become a powerful tool for branding companies and educating / entertaining an increasingly large audience. Because of the convenience of smartphones (and the inability to read or watch videos while driving) and smarter cars, podcasts are accessible to everyone and taking the world by storm! I was involved with several popular podcasts back in 2013 but it's been awhile so I decided to create the Bootstrap Business Broadcasting Profit Power Podcast! Listen to the Profit Power Podcast Preview on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube:

The Bootstrap Business Broadcasting Profit Power Podcast with Mike Schiemer and guests will be tackling the tough issues of social media marketing, digital media, website design, lean startups, frugal finance, and much more!

There will be plenty of exciting and informative episodes of the Bootstrap Business Broadcasting Profit Power Podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and SoundCloud for all of your devices and vehicles. Stay tuned!

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