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how to maximize audio business income

Every niche in every corner of the world has needed to adapt their marketing approach for the simple fact the game changed when a) the internet became mainstream and b) when mobiles came first. But of all these niches, none has been affected quite as much as the music industry and podcasting powerhouses. 

What used to be a relatively tough battle to get your music in front of people of influence (yes, we are talking lobbying radio and label executives with demo disc after demo disc) has been replaced by the infinitely tough battle to stand out from the crowd. 

Myspace kick-started the era of the digital following, then came YouTube. And now there are all sorts of avenues from Soundcloud to Spotify, all of which make it harder to get noticed, near impossible to get found and one a billion to stay at the forefront. 

Apple Music (formerly iTunes) and Google Play applications allow for the quick and easy downloads of sensational songs and plentiful podcasts

It is a cruel reality, but so many super-talented musicians never make it out of the pub-slash-busking scene because they can’t get the exposure. They simply don’t know how to market themselves. That is why we have pulled together a list of marketing advice from bands that have been there, struggled through it, learned how to market themselves and made their passion to play their sole paycheck at the end

Necessary Doesn’t Mean Complex 

One of the most common misconceptions that swirl in the minds of musicians / podcasters is that marketing themselves - and their music / message- is going to be difficult. But that is not the case. They got into the music scene because they love music. It is as simple as that. They wish they could just be found based on their effort and merit and the whole marketing thing never crossed their minds. 

However, if you want your music to be heard by any degree of the masses then knowing how to market yourself is as vital as knowing how to sing or play. So, in the same way you dedicated yourself to learning how to make music, you should learn how to boost your exposure. The journey has so many similarities, namely how frustrating it can be at first but how fun it can be once you know what you are doing. 

There Is Only One Aim Here 

And that is raising the awareness surrounding your band. Making great music, creating a killer album and then making it available online - and in stores - is only half the battle. Trust us on that. The reason being there is a huge difference being a great band and letting people know you are a great band. That is why you need to focus on your awareness. You need to be heard before you can be liked. Even telling people online that you are giving away free album won’t do the trick these days. You need to convince people that you are worth giving up three minutes of their time to. This may sound hard, but if you break down into its most basic needs then it becomes easy: show people your band exists and convince them to listen to you.

Play Some Free Gigs

People won’t just listen to an album for free because it is free. That much has been proven even on podcasts. However, a lot of people will attend a free gig because nothing beats live music. We are not saying you should definitely say yes to no money, but you shouldn’t dismiss it either because the opportunity to market yourself could be huge - especially if there are other more established artists playing. 

o, have your album with the amazing cover art ready to be handed out, create some merchandise, point them toward your YouTube channel and seize the opportunity. People have heard your music live, now you want to keep them listening. Turn the first-timer into a fan. 

Please Promote Your Shows 

This is where you can use your on-stage energy to convert people into disciples, but it requires being smart online. First things first, create a band website, one that lets people get a feel for your personality and music, one that is well branded, offers people a chance to listen to your music, see gig dates and learn more about the band members. 

Once you have done this, list your shows on YouTube or create a Facebook page that people can go to to find out more, using software like Canva to create amazing imagery and then get your dates into local events calendars.

Get Your Music And Merchandise Out There 

There are plenty of music distribution services out there, and you need to be on all of them. Soundcloud, TuneCore, Dozmia, CDBaby all of them. This way you can start getting your music on platforms that span the world and tap into loyal following these services has. As for your merchandise, make sure it is available in all those places people will look - your website, Amazon, Etsy, Bandcamp, everywhere. This may seem like a step too far because you are still unknown, but perception is reality. If someone sees your name on a poster and Google’s you, they are much more likely to give you a chance if they see a website, your stuff all over Soundcloud and merchandise available to buy. Look bigger than you are, that is al old marketing method that works. 

Youtube Is Not Good Enough

Yes, you need to be on YouTube, with your own channel, but don’t use this exclusively to upload your music video because the competition is too intense. Instead, you should upload it onto less popular sites too where you are more likely to get more airtime. And don’t just upload straight from Youtube to Facebook. Yes, it is easier, but Facebook likes it when you upload a video directly, meaning you will get preferential treatment. Not only that, but Facebook will return more data to you and that will let you work out who your target audience is. Then there is the whole ‘similarities’ thing; if someone is watching a video that is similar to yours, well, yours may be suggested next. That is a great way to get discovered with your amazing audio. 

Awesome Audio

Maximize your music marketing and the sounds of deposits into your bank account will certainly be music to your ears! Keep plugging away with your audio marketing to increase earnings.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to maximize your music marketing.

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