Welcome to Boostrap Business by Michael J Schiemer. Make sure to get my new eBook:

Welcome to Boostrap Business by Michael J Schiemer. Make sure to get my new eBook:
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Millions For MySpace on TBT Throwback Thursdays

     That social networking relic known as MySpace is still around and reported this year that it still gets around 50 Million visits each month! It also has claimed that it has tens of millions of active users still. The former leading social network (through around 2008 until strongly overtaken by Facebook) is still alive and earning a significant amount of revenue, mostly due to users signing in to find old pictures for their #TBT or Throwback Thursday posts on relevant social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I think this is hilarious but if MySpace is making good advertising revenue and has a low overhead then good for them! 

     I don't know if I would consider this "staying current" with today's evolving social media industry, but at least the company is still around. People do love nostalgia after all. Despite fancy promoters of "The New MySpace" like Justin Timberlake and dozens of site redesigns over the years, the site really has nothing to offer anyone except possibly some musicians (and even then there are dozens of other better platforms to utilize). If TBT loses popularity or enough people delete their accounts, their site should continue its overall downward spiral into oblivion until only a handful of employees run the company. The famous "Tom from MySpace" was wise to jump ship with a boatload of cash in 2009 and never look back. 

     I personally deleted my MySpace account around 2012, along with several other junkie social networking profiles, to get rid of these traffic-leaching sites in search results. It certainly wasn't worth keeping up for the inconsequential dozen (or less) clicks of traffic to my real websites each month. Any useful pictures you need can easily move to another site, drive, or the cloud. I'd recommend you do the same...

Oh, and here's a 2009 #TBT Picture of my own I rescued:

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