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Although many business leaders are very worried about possibly paying a high fine for failing to protect their customers’ personal information, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) isn’t all that bad. Actually, when you think about it, you can use this change to improve your business. 

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, you may be very surprised after reading this article. Today, we will present to you the five benefits your online business may have from GDPR. Keep reading to learn what they are... 

1. Conduct A Data Audit & Use It For Data-Driven Marketing 

In order to comply with GDPR, businesses will have to audit all of their data, so they know the types of sensitive information they possess. Yes, we know, it is no easy job, but wait – there is a good part, too. After you have done that, you will be ready to delete all the data that doesn’t have any business value, and organize the data you plan to keep. 

By keeping your data organized and indexed, you will help your own team be more efficient. You can use the data for smart marketing that is data-driven, and it will bring huge benefits for your business. 

2. Start Using Personalized Marketing For Higher ROI 

We all know that a personalized marketing message is the best possible marketing message. If you could talk personally to each of your customers, there’s no doubt that you’d have much higher success in your marketing. Well, now you can do something similar. With GDPR, you can truly get to know your customers, which means you can tailor your every message to be personalized for them. 

Once your content is made to address a certain group of customers, it is only reasonable to expect that group to engage with it. This will lead to the increase in your ROI, and when it does, you’ll see how well you spent your money. More clicks, higher conversion rates, more talk about your business – isn’t that the dream? 

3. Shift Your Focus To Social Media Marketing 

What this actually means is that you won’t need automated email campaigns or mass newsletters anymore. With social media marketing, since you will communicate with a group of people you feel like you truly know, you can make your communication very specific. And guess what – your customers will love it much more than old-school email! 

The move from direct to social marketing is a very big step and you should do it ASAP if you plan to make the most of the post-GDPR phase. Educate your marketing team, and consider hiring a professional writers to help you out with this transition. And remember – yes, it’s a lot of work, and yes, it’ll take a lot of time to set things right, but all of it will lead to marketing campaigns that will have much more success. 

4. Think Outside The Box 

If you want to acquire information from your customers, you’ll have to not only think, but also act outside of the box. As you may probably already presume, coupons and basic offers probably won’t cut it anymore. 

This gives you and your marketing team a chance to really work on your creativity. Bring in your A game and think of fun new ways to communicate with your clients. You will have to really get them to engage with your business and you will have to make them want to give you all the information. So, what could you do to make it happen? Work hard on achieving this goal, implement new methods (or maybe some really old ones?), try out recipes that you never would have before. Have fun with it, as long as you comply with GDPR. This is a great challenge, but once you overcome it, you surely will stand out from your competition. 

5. Make Positive Organizational Changes

With GDPR coming on stage, you now have a great opportunity to truly reorganize your businesses and make sure you’re ready for the bright future waiting ahead. Why don’t you become one of the first businesses that are human privacy-friendly? 

You can become widely known as the business that, above all else, respects its customers and cares about their personal information. Make it your mission to have happy, satisfied clients who trust you, and whose trust you never break. Be the go-to business for all those who are worried about their cyber-safety, and who want to make sure that their private information isn’t shared without their consent. Have a relationship with them built on mutual respect and kept promises, and you will see how much it will pay off. 

Get Going With GDPR Marketing Musts

Human privacy is no joke, and it never should be – so make sure to follow the rules. Also, make sure to make the necessary changes to your business so that the transition to the post-GDPR world is as easy as possible. 

Although we are all mainly focusing on the horribly high fines (by the way, they can be up to $4 million) for not complying with GDPR, today you learned that your focus should move elsewhere. Yes, you have to comply with the new regulation, and you should want to. Not only that – you should make it your main message and start making money from it. Our GDPR tips today are only the beginning of what you can do, and as time goes by, we’re sure you will find even more new ideas on how to make use of the new law to improve your business. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about GDPR and marketing strategy changes for your business.

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