3 Ways AI is Wiping Out Cyber Crime

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Technology has taken a giant leap since the beginning of this century allowing thousands of concurrent transactions to take place over the web. Trillions of data points are being transferred and received thanks to the development of cutting-edge technologies. While reams of data are being generated due to these transactions, companies are having a hard time fully protecting them. Security companies are under constant pressure to develop and upgrade their technologies that can prevent their firms from falling victim to malware attacks

 About 230,000 computers got infected across 150 countries when WannaCry hit the windows-based machines 

 The cost of damage incurred by cyber crime will reach up to $6 trillion per year by late 2023 

 99% of the computers are prone to threats from utilizing software like Java, Oracle, and Adobe which can give full access to the hackers with just one click. 

The scariest part is that these malware developers are equipped with advanced technologies and tools which the normal world has never heard of. On one hand where Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked about term in the tech industry. 

The risk of ransomware penetrating through the security walls of organizations has created severe threat. Artificial Intelligence is already in the limelight when it comes to future employment outlooks, safety concerns, and technology legislation. However the real question is, can artificial intelligence algorithms protect our data? 

Popular Cyber Attacks & Malware 

MyDoom is considered to be the fastest and the most expensive virus which caused the damage costing $38.5 billion in 20022. 

It has only been seven months and we are already being attacked by loads of malware from every direction possible. Ransomware trapped the computer systems until the victims paid certain amount, on the other hand Android malware kept polluting the cell phones based on that OS. 

You certainly might have noticed a kind of pop-ups that advertised certain websites and tools and suddenly asked you to download an application. The moment you downloaded that application, your IP address got traced, and your data is essentially doomed. 

According to Heimdal Security, Social Media is the latest target of the cyber criminals. 

Social media platforms are a huge source of contaminated links, downloads, and fraudulent pages while becoming a growing target of hackers. You may also have encountered phishing emails asking you to provide login credentials of any bank or ask your credit card number. All these and many more have affected many industries across the world making our security systems vulnerable. 

Machine Learning: The Savior! 

While most industries still haven't stepped up their security efforts after the huge loss caused by WannaCry malware, there is already a lot of talk going on about deploying machine learning to guard the systems. Machine learning, a field of Data Science that educates machines and helps them perform the tasks faster than humans. While human brains have the intelligence to detect and analyze the patterns, machines have the capability to apply artificial intelligence models and perform the repetitive task at nearly unlimited stretches without intervention or assistance. 

Though this is a brilliant idea, is it possible to get your machine ready for all security possibilities? Machine Learning can be a proactive approach and a defensive one too. It can be educated to counter the probable security attacks and protect the system from potential security risks. 

Deep Machine Learning: Technology Fighting Crime 

Ultimately it comes down to the Machine Learning experts, who are the main players behind "educating" the machines. Digital signature, authentication, hiding the IP, masking identity, encryption, firewall, etc have already been implemented by various firms... but what new strategies can machine learning discover? 

Deep machine learning can apply various algorithms to identify the malicious activities taking place on the network. It can be determined by finding unusual patterns interacting with the system infrastructure. 

You might have seen Google asking you to verify if you are not a robot. You click on some of the images and then it lets you browse. When you browse Google for long hours on end, this is the common activity that occurs. This way Google ensures that it is not a robot performing any malicious activities. 

Facial Expression Recognition: The New Frontier! 

You can lock your mobile phone with your eye impressions that will keep your phone safe from unwanted access. You can also make sure that it's your voice commanding Siri to perform certain operations on your iPhone and not someone else's. 

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), has developed a cyber security system which is going to improve over time with the help of analysts who will add on to and refine system feedback.

What Are The Adversities Of This Solution? 

Cyber criminals are constantly create and upgrade applications finding loopholes and weaknesses of any particular system. Phishing mails, Trojan, eavesdropping, Denial of Service, etc., already exist in the market. But there will be more forms of malware being developed and circulated about that these machines wouldn't be prepared for.

Though the idea of using intelligent machines for security purposes is a brilliant one, educating the machines will probably face some roadblocks along the way. Machine learning and artificial intelligence for business are still in their infancy, but we look forward to their evolution and implementation in the cyber security realm. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how machine learning and artificial intelligence will prevent and eliminate cyber crime.

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