Despite our best efforts to bootstrap our businesses or maintain frugal finances, many of us do end up needing a loan at some point in our lives. Businesses and people make mistakes or sometimes just need a little assistance to get started or back on track. Sometimes loans are essential, and other times they just make the most financial sense out of all options available. 

Loans have been especially important after the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, and supply chain disruptions. Businesses and entire industries have been decimated and in need of emergency funding just to stay afloat. Individuals have also required lenders to step up and support them for weekly and monthly expenses.

The best option is for everyone to be educated on loans, lenders, lending money, debt, and gambling to you can make the right choices for your financial situation. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to cash. Don't just take out a loan from just anyone, and don't offer a loan to just anyone either. You don't want to get involved with loan sharks, or become one when you have to enforce a loan repayment aggressively yourself or through a costly collection agency. 

When it comes to taking out loans, dealing with debt, improving your credit, or getting quick capital it probably isn't wise to start betting and gambling. But if that is what you decide to do or if you have no other choice, we do offer a plethora of helpful gambling, betting, lottery, and casino articles below as well to help. 

At Bootstrap Business we talk about the ins and outs of loans, mortgages, merchant cash advances, interest rates, credit cards, credit scores, title loans, debt, SBA loans, PPP loans, and much more. Read the growing number of articles below from financial experts and loan officers around the world:

Loan & Lending Articles

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- All About Peer-To-Peer Lending 

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- What Is A Loan Shark And How To Protect Your Money 

How Entrepreneurs Can Utilize Debt Consolidation 

When You Should Take A Payday Loan And What To Watch For 

How To Get A Bad Credit Loan Overseas 

5 Tips For Dealing With Bad Credit 

The Big Basics Of Hard Money Loans 

- The 5 Top Business Loans For Tough Times

The Pros And Cons Of Online Loans 

- Online Title Loan Information For Beginners 

- How To Start A Business Even Without A Loan 

- Why You Don't Need Loans To Start A Company 

- 5 Tips To Be A Responsible Borrower Of A Loan

- Ways A Merchant Cash Advance Can Help Your Business 

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- How Car Title Loans Work And Risks Associated

- Tips To Find The Top Mortgage Loan Calculator App 

- How To Start A Loan Company 

- Ways To Find The Best Deals On Car Title Loans 

- Why Asset-Based Loans Are Getting More Popular

- How To Get Quick Loans Online  

- Beginner Basics On Loans

Ditching Debt Articles

- Beginner Basics Of Short Term Unsecured Loans 

- How To Overcome Debt In Your Business Venture

- Why Only A Quarter Of Americans Are Financially Solid 

- How Debt Done Right Can Actually Improve Credit Scores 

- Ways To Settle Debt With Debts Consolidation 

- How To Avoid Debt Due To Health Insurance 

- Ways The College Grads Can Avoid Financial Ruin 

- What To Do When Your Small Business Is In Debt 

- Why Negotiation Is A Top  Debt Settlement Tactic 

- How Debt Can Build Wealth 

- Tips For Bouncing Back And Paying Off Business Debt 

- Methods Of Getting Your Small Business Debt Reduced 

- How Debt Can Affect Your Company

- The Top 4 Benefits Of Debt Consolidation For Entrepreneurs  

- How To Apply For A Small Business Loan In Canada

- Why Professionals Should Be Hired For Debt Collection

- How To Grow Your Company Debt Free 

- Why So Many Americans Are Living In Debt 

Credit Card & Credit Score Articles

Gambling, Betting, & Casino Articles

- How To Stick To Your Gambling Budget And Avoid Loans 

- How To Earn Big Betting Bonuses

- Tips To Make Real Money Playing Online Slots 

- How Social Media Is Affecting Sports Betting 

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- Ways To Use And Win Bitcoin In Online Casinos 

- 7 Common Misconceptions About Gambling

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